7 Sure Ways To know You are Dating a Nigerian Lady

Dating a Nigerian lady can be a lot of work. Most live by a simple code “If i can’t afford it, I’ll find someone who can”, and being with someone like that can be hell of a lot frustrating. Basically you’re the ‘bread winner’ and your expenses will definitely go up catering for her demands.

10 Sure Ways To know You are Dating a Nigerian Lady

1. You become nervous when Her birthday approaches

Her birthdays always leave huge dent on your wallet

10 Sure Ways To know You are Dating a  Nigerian Lady

2. Never pays for date

She expect you to pay for everything, never agrees to split the bills. and it gets kind of frustrating.

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3. Always asking For things

If she’s always calling asking you for things like money for nails, hair, make up and the new trend “toiletries”. Then she’s definitely a Nigerian.

4. Expects the whole World from you

If your girl expect the whole world from you but has nothing to offer, she’s definitely a Nigerian.

5. Sex is the only thing she brings to the table

If sex is the only thing your girlfriend brings to the table i don’t care which country she’s from, She’s definitely a Nigerian.

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6. She never buys you gift

When she finally does, if its not a pair of boxers then its a singlet.

7. She hardly calls you; instead, she flash.

When she eventually do call you, for one reason or the another she always run out of airtime.., sometimes immediately you pick the call.

Uzonna Anele
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