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Top 6 of the worst cities to live in Africa (2016) 

About EIU - The EIU's (Economist Intelligence Unit) Global Liveability Ranking provides scores out of 100 for lifestyle challenges in 140 cities worldwide. It looks at which cities have the best living and worst living conditions. The ranking takes...

Top 7 Of The Worst Jobs In Africa

There are good jobs and there are worst jobs below are the 7 of the worst jobs you can find in Africa. 1. Zama Zamas Zama zamas are illegal miners that are found mostly in South Africa. This zama zamas swarm...

Top 7 Of The Worst Prisons In Africa

While some prisons in Africa are actually quite nice with televisions, toilets, gym rooms, nice food etc, there are still numerous prisons in Africa that can rightfully be referred to as “hell on Earth”. Below are 8 of the...
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History of Human Zoos: How ‘Exotic Africans’ Were Displayed in Zoos in the West

During this time, people from various non-European cultures were brought to Europe and the United States and displayed in zoos as examples of "exotic" and "primitive" peoples.
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