Ancient China Medicinal Use Of Human Faeces (disturbing)

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What you are about to read can be classified as disgusting. So if you are eating, drinking or if you hate everything disgusting then don’t read… 

Ancient China

Ancient Chinese treatment for diarrheaimage source: china-guide.com/

In the ancient times, the chinese were known for their medicinal proficiency. (and are still known for it).
They had a cure for basically all ailments suffered by people on a regular basis, they even had a way to treat diarrhea that actually worked.

Chinese remedy for diarrhea

Ancient Chinese treatment for diarrhea involved stool transplant​Image source: wikiMedia.org

In the fourth century BC, the chinese cure for diarhea was a little extreme and involved stool transplants.

When a patient had dirrhea, Chinese doctors would put together something they called “yellow soup,”

Ancient chinese doctors treatment for diarrheas​Image source: quatr.us

Basically the yellow soup is made up of water mixed with a healthy person’s fermented stool/faeces/excrement also known as shit. They’d give it to patient suffering from diarhea and he is expected to tough it out and gulp every last drop of the liquid faeces.

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Apparently, The healthy bacteria in the healthy person’s faeces would get rid of the bad bacteria in the patient’s body….

The same remedy is now used in the treatment of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI).



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