African Animation Set in Lagos, ‘Iwájú’ Gears up for Release in 2022

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Disney has announced a partnership with pan-African entertainment company Kugali to create an animated science fiction series it describes as a “first-of-its-kind collaboration”.

Disney Teams Up With Africa's Kugali to Create Animation Series 'Iwájú'

The Iwájú series will debut on the streaming service Disney+ in 2022.

Iwájú means “The Future” in the Yoruba language.

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ chief creative officer said that the show is set in Lagos and steeped in science-fiction and explores “deep themes of class, innocence and challenging the status quo”.

Disney Teams Up With Africa's Kugali to Create Animation Series 'Iwájú'

Disney animation has tweeted a sneak peek at the series’ artwork.

Kugali was founded by three friends Ziki Nelson (Nigeria), Hamid Ibrahim (Uganda) and Tolu Olowofoyeku (Nigeria).

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