HIV Infection Down By 39% In South Africa

HIV Infection Down By 39% In South Africa.

HIV Infection Down By 39% In South Africa

The research by the South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR) indicates that the country has made significant progress in the fight against

According to the research by IRR, the HIV infections in the country have decreased by 39% between 2009 and 2016.

The IRR says although South Africa is making significant progress in the fight against the pandemic – more intensified campaigns to sustain the success are needed.

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South Africa has the biggest HIV epidemic in the world, with 7.1 million people living with HIV. HIV prevalence is high among the general population at 18.9%.

• Men who have sex with men, transgender women, sex workers and people who inject drugs experience even higher HIV prevalence rates.

• South Africa has made huge improvements in getting people to test for HIV in recent years and is now almost meeting the first of the 90-90-90 targets, with 86% of people aware of their status.

• The country has the largest ART (Anti-retroviral Treatment) programme in the world, which has undergone even more expansion in recent years with the implementation of ‘test and treat’ guidelines.

• South Africa was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to fully approve PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) which is now being made available to people at high risk of infection.

Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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