Inspiring Story Of A Young Man Who Went From Felon To Professional Fashion Model

1. Mekhi Alante

The story has been told of how one young man went from being a dangerous felon to being a professional fashion model.Last year, 20-year-old Mekhi Alante Lucky got himself arrested in North Carolina for speeding and driving a stolen vehicle.

Little did he know that this even would completely change his life for the better. The young man’s mugshot soon went viral and he recently signed with an Atlanta modelling agency.

True to his name, Mr. Lucky managed to avoid jail time when he was arrested, in May of last year, but managed to get himself in trouble several times since then, amassing quite the criminal record.

Between April 2016 and December 2016, he was booked for alleged assault on a female, alleged breaking and entering plus resisting a public officer, and twice, for misdemeanor violations of his parole. But his troubled past didn’t stop Atlanta-based St Claire’s Modeling Agency from signing Mekhi to its roster, as soon as they saw his original mugshot on social media.

Mekhi Alante Lucky owes his new career as a fashion model to a Twitter account called “Wake Mugshot“, the owners of which scour police records for intriguing mugshots and post them on the internet.

His good looks and differently colored eyes – one brown and the other blue – soon caught people’s attention, and the photo went viral, earning the young felon the nickname “Prison Bae”. When the mugshot reached St Claire’s, they were so impressed with his striking features that they offered him a modelling contract before someone else stole him away.

The 5-foot-10 model is now so popular that his photo graces the home page of St Claire’s Modeling Agency’s website. He’s also off to a good start on social media, with over 22,000 fans on Instagram. He only has 19 posts there, so it’s a pretty impressive number.

Felon scounting has become somewhat of a trend among modelling agencies, as Mekhi Alante Lucky walks in the footsteps of the original “hot felon”, Jeremy Meeks, who made headlines in 2014, after his mugshot drew the attention of fashion agencies, landing him a lucrative contract. He went on to become a top model and is now enjoying the good life, traveling the world and mingling with celebrities.

I guess it’s true what they say about every cloud having a silver lining.


Meeks first came to prominence after his arrest in 2014 during a gang sweep called Operation Ceasefire in Stockton, California , [2] after which police posted his
mug shot on Facebook and it went viral . Meeks was convicted of federal charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and grand theft. [3] Upon his release from
Mendota Federal Correctional Institution in March 2016, [4] Meeks began a modeling career. [5][6]
Early life
Meeks was born in California on February 7, 1984, and is the son of Katherine Angier [7] and brother of Emery Meeks.[8]
In 2002, Meeks was charged with robbery and corporal injury to a child. Meeks had allegedly jumped and beat-up a 16-year-old boy. After making a plea deal, he was sentenced to serve two years in a California prison. During this time he had admitted that he was a member of the Northside Gangster Crips.[9]
Modeling career
While still in prison and serving a 27-month sentence, Meeks, dubbed “hot felon” by the media, signed a modeling contract with White Cross Management. [10] Also while in prison, he signed with Hollywood talent agent Gina Rodriguez. [11]
During New York Fashion Week in February 2017, Meeks made his runway debut. [12] After his appearance, Vogue magazine described him as a “buff bad boy”. [13]
In June 2017, he was on the catwalk during
Milan Fashion Week, walking for German fashion designer Philipp Plein

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