Malaysia Election: Mahathir Mohammed Sworn In As Prime Minister, Now World’s Oldest Leader

Malaysian ex-leader Mahathir Mohamad, 92, has been sworn in as prime minister of malaysia, quelling concerns around the succession after his stunning win over the scandal -plagued coalition that has ruled for six decades.

After taking the oath at the Istana Negara palace in Kuala Lumpur, he told reporters his focus would be on the country’s finances.

The former strongman has become, at 92, the world’s oldest elected leader.

Malaysia Election: Mahathir Mohammed Sworn In As Prime Minister, Now World’s Oldest Leader

In a huge political upset, Mahathir’s opposition alliance ended the hold on power of the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, which has governed Malaysia uninterrupted since its birth as an independent country in 1957.

It capped a dramatic political comeback for Mahathir, who previously ruled the country with an iron fist for 22 years and came out of retirement to take on Prime Minister Najib Razak after the leader became embroiled in a massive corruption scandal.

– Scale Of Victory –

To claim a simple majority in parliament, a party or coalition would require 112 seats .
The opposition alliance, Pact of Hope, along with a small ally on Borneo island, won 121. BN won just 79 — down from 133 previously.

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The opposition’s shock victory triggered euphoria and a sense of relief that a leader who was accused of massive graft and fanning racial tensions was finally on his way out.

“We have been waiting for so long for this to happen , ” Larson Michael, 35, a voter from just outside Kuala Lumpur , told AFP.
“(Mahathir) has come back to help us regain the country. Now we want to see if he will fulfil his promises.”

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