Seychelles Presidential Election: Ruling Party Knocked From Power For The First Time Since 1977

Seychelles opposition candidate Wavel Ramkalawan has won the archipelago’s presidential election with 54.9 percent of valid votes cast, upsetting incumbent President Danny Faure. The ruling party has been knocked from power for the first time since 1977.

Seychelles Election: Seychelles Ruling party Has Been Knocked From Power For The First Time Since 1977

Opposition leader Ramkalawan, a 59-year-old priest who ran for the presidency for the sixth time, won 54.9 percent of valid votes cast, while Faure received 43%, the commission chair Danny Lucas said, calling the race “hotly contested.”

“Mr. Faure and I are very good friends and an election does not mean the end of one’s contribution to one’s motherland,” Ramkalawan, a six-time presidential candidate, said shortly after the announcement. He promised a consultative approach and “no interference by the executive” in the work of the country’s various institutions.

Faure accepted his loss and added “I wish you all the best,” the Seychelles News Agency reported. The outgoing president promised to continue living in the country and said he would be available to dispense advice.

The new president is expected to be sworn in Monday.
Ramkalawan’s party also won more than a two-third’s majority of National Assembly seats, the news agency reported.

Seychelles opposition candidate wins presidential election

The voting turnout was roughly 75% in the archipelago nation of just under 100,000 people whose tourism-heavy economy has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

The United States and other nations quickly congratulated citizens of the Seychelles for the peaceful election, with the U.S. calling the vote “orderly and free.”

The U.S. congratulated Ramkalawan, saying that “your historic election is evidence that Seychelles has become a truly democratic nation.” The country’s history includes a stretch of one-party rule, a coup in 1977 and a coup attempt in 1981.

Faure, who has been outspoken on the dangers of climate change and the need to protect island nations like his own, assumed the presidency in 2016 after longtime President James Michel stepped down after the ruling United Seychelles party lost parliamentary elections to an opposition coalition.


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