Stop Killing Mosquitoes, They Are Our Allies – Nigerian Professor

A Nigerian professor has called for an end to the killing of mosquitoes, stating that they are friends and allies to humans and we could learn a lot from them

Adeolu Ande, a Professor of Entomology at the University of Ilorin, made this known on Monday in a paper he presented at a public seminar organised by University of Ilorin.

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He said that, rather than kill mosquitoes, man should discover ways to manage them because they would exist whether we like them or not and will continue to source blood from humans.

He called on zoologists to fulfill their role of being foster parents of animals in the Zoo because that’s what’s expected of them, adding that they should be familiar with the needs and health status of animals, insects included.

In his paper titled, ‘Consider the ways of Ants and be Wise’, the professor described insects as the “most successful and influential group’’ of organisms in the biosphere.

He said that humans have a lot to learn from insects in order to be wise. He also said that insects make positive influence such as; pollination of flowers, sustenance of the ecosystem, serve as a source of silk, act as biological control agents and food source, but lamented that these impacts made by the insects are underplayed and not appreciated, instead we focus on their negative influences which he said are minimal.

“Human life is beset with inevitable associations with insects that have over the years influenced human destiny positively and negatively. Negative influences, such a disease transmission, crop losses, food spoilage, economic losses and nuisance value caused by less than 5 per cent of insect species have been exaggerated by man.”

Adeolu Ande further stated that man deliberately misunderstood the role of mosquitoes and frequently described them as causing the diseases they transmit.

He said: “In the actual sense, mosquitoes are equally sick but inadvertently and unwillingly convey pathogens that are the real causal agents of these diseases. The female mosquito could be described as an example of a true mother who is forced to undertake suicide mission in its bid to provide for its unborn children. The adult female mosquitoes have exceptional value for child raising hence the level of commitment and risk they take on the mission that entails decision between life and death. The after effect of this commitment is a well thought out plan that forestalls most of the factors that may stand in the way of raising good children.

“I am sure most human females will not take comparable decision in the face of similar attendant risks. It is however certain that children born after well thought-out and risky conditions are better posited for quality living than those produced carelessly.”

The professor called for improvement in Zoology curriculum to ensure better focus on organisms that feature prominently around man.


Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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