The Duplicity Of The Buhari Led Government

Since his election in 2015, Buhari has proven to be a colossal mistake elected by the Nigerian masses.

Interestingly PDP and the Easterners saw through the charade and cried against the election of Buhari on the premise of his Tribal, Military and Religious extremism. However this was seen as a political propaganda by PDP simply to retain its power and continue to milk the nation dry. The level of corruption then seemed unprecedented.

Today, Buhari has lived up to his reputation.
In fact every single one of the warnings of PDP has come to reality before our very eyes.

1. He claimed to fight against corruption while he himself is guilty of corruption.
– He swore to declare his assets but it was never made public.
He himself is both President of Nigeria and Minister for Petroluem.

– He swore that under his administration no public office holder would seek medical attention abroad. We all know how that went. He has been on medical trips since his very first term and even just traveled last week on another medical trip paid for by tax payers money. Where as the average Nigerian is left to the underdeveloped public hospitals where minor sicknesses claim Nigerian lives daily under preventable circumstances, such as lack of Power supply, inexperienced and inadequately trained staff and also rules and regulations that prioritize govt policies over human lives.

2. He claimed to end Boko Haram.
It is interesting that after 6 years, Buhari has failed to end Boko Haram terrorism. And in fact supporting new terrorist organisations including Fulani Herdsmen, Myetti Allah, Banditry among others.

3. He claimed to be for everybody and no body.
While this seemed to be directly at Tinubu during his swearing in, it has obviously taken a new turn.
Though he successfully played Tinubu to get the votes of the yorubas, it is obviously that Buhari is definitely for his Fulani and the Cabal.
His policies and decisions have brought to limelight what Ojukwu and Biafrans have decried for a long time, that the average Fulani is domineering and seeks only to rule the rest of the country.
Buhari is a Danfodite, and their belief system justifies every action against non Muslims, and at such makes them dangerous to every non-Muslim Nigerian.
The average Northerner, especially Fulani believes Nigeria is not a country belonging to a collective people. But that Nigeria is country belonging to the Northerners to rule its other citizens.
Unfortunately with a religious undertone, every non-Muslim is at risk under an Danfodite.
This therefore gives credence to the fears 9f Christian’s of Buhari’s agenda to Islamicize Nigeria.

4. Trampling on every Human and Civic Right of Nigerians.
When Buhari abducted Dikko back in the 80s some celebrated him while the UK fought against his anti-democratic approach.
Today Buhari has certainly lived up to his reputation by silencing every Nigerian who speaks against his tyranny.
Nnamdi Kanu, Deji Adeyanju, Sowore, Sunday Igboho.

All these freedom fighters have been arrested and even jailed at some point for speaking against the Buhari-led tyrannical government.

The duplicity of Buhari-led administration is pronounced when considering his fight against non-Fulani.

While he fights viciously against Non-Muslims and Non-Fulanis, he obviously from all indications pets and even protects Myetti Allah extremist group and Fulani herdsmen killers. Why?
Simply because he is himself a part of them.
Buhari is a Myetti Allah and Fulani Herders supporter.

As a Christian is preaching the gospel of Jesus through peace. Buhari believes Myetti Allah and Boko Haram are also preaching the Islamic teachings even though through violence. Because the Quran preaches fighting and even killing to preach Allah.

Also the Cattle business is a major business to the Northerners. Buhari himself has proclaimed his investment in the cattle business. So anything or anyone that possess a threat to his cattle business is considered an enemy.
Which is why he has openly expressed his fight against the ban on Open grazing. Even commanding the Attorney general to find the law that can allow open grazing. Though all the victims and governors who have experienced the violence of Fulani Herdsmen have expressed their legal rights against Open grazing but Buhari and his Fulani herding business partners are not ready to listen to democratic reason.

Finally, Buhari is against a democratically right peaceful Rally and Freedom of expression having arrested Endsars protesters and recently Yoruba nation protesters. He even sent DSS to intimidate Sundqy Igboho and kill his aides just to prevent the peaceful rally.

This is quite sad because even Buhari enjoyed peaceful rallies and protest against the Jonathan led administration.

After all is said and done, while I encourage everyone to be careful, we cannot afford to remain silent. Either through social media or physical rallies, we have to continue to express our grievance against every oppressive and tyrannical leadership much as we’re in a democratic government.
As long as Democracy remains defined as Government of the people for the people by the people.