Top 10 Most Ridiculous Nigerian Song lyrics of 2018 You Probably Danced To

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Nigerian Song lyrics of 2018 You Probably Danced to

There are smart songs, dumb songs, intellectual songs, and there are Ridiculous songs.

And yes, we realize music isn’t just about lyrics. It’s about emotion and holistic appeal. But it can be pretty amusing when you look at the lyrics to your favorite song without any instrumental or rhythm. Actually, you might even start to wonder “what was the songwriter even thinking?” And truth be told, sometimes the songwriter probably wasn’t thinking, but hey, that’s art ayleast thats how we Nigerians see it. So, don’t get offended when your favorite piece of “art” ends up on our list. As Olamide would say “Chicken no dey fly for night” We’re not sure how that’s relevant to the point we’re trying to make, but then again we’re not exactly sure why it is necessary to state that in a song either.

Disclaimer: Before getting started, lets just try to understand something, this list is meant for humor and humor only. If you happen to be a fan of mindless party songs that include lyrics like “Sukura kilo ko si o, yeah!! Suku shaker, I am shoe maker” then that is fine, we’re not judging you. We’re just laughing at the songs you listen to.

Below, we have rounded up 10 of the Most Ridiculous Nigerian Song lyrics of 2018 You Probably Danced to

1. Yemi Alade – Crazy Love

Boy You Be The Hook
Na Me Be The Fish O

Should i tell her how this relationship ends.

2. DMW – Mind

Mayorkun – Dem be feeling fly I fumigate oh (fumigate)

I guess he needed to fumigate the flies

3. Olamide – Onyeoma

Chicken no dey fly for night

Chicken dey fly for night??

4. Timaya – Bam Bam

them say Timaya no dey craze again

Isn’t it a good thing?

5. Yemi Alade – Bum Bum

I like to party With Shakira and Beyoncé for Miami

Coming from someone who has never been in the same room with Shakira or Beyonce.

6. Tiwa savage ft Duncan mighty – Lova Lova

if I break your heart na oil spillage
I study this your love for freedom college

Judge this lyrics yourself.

7. Aje – DMW

I no wan do the do, I just wan come do

He doesn’t want to do the do, he just wants to come and do. All follow for rhyming

8. Legbegbe – Mr Real

Iphone1 Legbegbe yee
Iphone2 Legbegbe yee
Iphone3 Legbegbe yee
Iphone4 Legbegbe yee
Iphone5 Legbegbe yee
Iphone6 Legbegbe yee
Iphone7 Legbegbe O maan lo o
Iphone8 Legbegbe

Every line of this song is more ridiculous than the last:

9. Davido – FIA

Sukura kilo ko si o, yeehhh !!
Suku shaker, I am shoe maker

This song perfectly encapsulates how weird Nigerian songs are.

10. Tekno – Jogodo

If you give me love, I give you mother oh Oh my Girl oh

I wonder whose mother he’s talking about.

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.


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