Top 10 Ways To Avoid Getting Shot By A Member Of The Nigerian Police Force

As a Nigerian you’ve probably heard stories about the ‘ruggedity’ of Nigerian policemen, well now i’m here to tell you that those stories are not just stories, they are real. And if you would not like to be among the statistic i suggest you read this tios and note them… In no particular order, below are the Top 10 Ways To Avoid Getting Shot By A Member Of The Nigerian Police Force.
**Read and Note these tips,

Top 10 Ways To Avoid Getting Shot By A Member Of The Nigerian Police Force

1. When You Hear The Police Siren Move Out Of The Way

The Nigerian police uses the siren to quickly get out of traffic on Nigerian roads or to make way for them when they are transporting money. So when they are on their siren and you dont move out of the way, they automatically see you as a threat and shoot at your car or brutalize you.

2. Do not drive away when You are Stopped

Unless you have a dead body in your trunk, don’t drive away when a policeman stops you at a checkpoint. Even if your car papers are not up to date, it will be wise to wait and sort it out with them, it will only cost you money… if you choose to flee, you may well likely end up in the morgue.

3.Be Obedient at Police Checkpoints

Most of the killings accidentally or premeditated carried out by Nigerian police occur in checkpoints and when they are chasing a criminal, but mostly in checkpoints.

In a typical Nigerian police checkpoint, anything can happen.. so When you arrive at one, don’t go squeezing your face, it will only make them delay you more.. Instead display good manners. Greet them warmly and ask about their family, e.t.c, it makes them feel at ease with you; at the end give them something if they ask for it (they always ask for it subtlely).. These simple acts might very well save you from an untimely death.

4. Stay Away From Rough Neighborhoods

When a fight breaks out in hot spots and rough areas, it is a common practice for the police to be deployed in those areas so as to restore peace and orderliness.

The Nigerian Police Force also practice the above, but with a little twist.

If you are seen in that crime area, no matter how very decent you are dressed or the number of valid id cards you have on your person you will be treated as a street thug, you will be arrested (battered even if you resist arrest) and if you run away you will be shot and your corpse cuffed.

5. Don’t argue With a drunken officer

A drunken police officer with a gun is a time bomb waiting to explode and most of our officers are almost always drunk on duty. In view of this, never argue with them notwithstanding whether you are on the right or not. It is only going to infuriate the trigger happy officer the more..

6. Dont go taking their picture

When you see a police man harassing someone, dont go taking pictures or recording the act. But if you must, be subtle about it.

But if they catch you and demand for your phone, remember our policemen are trigger happy and just kukuma give it to them to avoid being shot, your burial will cost more money than the phone… in Nigeria Citizen’s right only exists in textbooks.

7. Bribe them

If they stop your car and start greeting you carelessly while at the same time checking your papers. Just know, they want you to give them something. And i tell you can make things better for yourself and for them by giving them that something. Nor only will it save you time, it may also save your life.

8. Mind how you flex your valuables

People have being tortured and harrassed because they were walking around with expensive gadgets like watches, phones etc.
Advice, if they approach you, dont go claiming right, they will harass your destiny.. just bribe them and go your way to avoid being shot.

Also if they ask to go through your phones, just behave and give it to them. You can try and argue with them though, but just know, you only do so at your own peril.

9. When they yell at you to stop, stop

Whether you are driving a car or using your legs, When they yell at you to stop, stop. Dont speed away or run.. stop… If you don’t, they might shoot you.

10. Pray you never find yourself at the wrong place at the right time

Even after keeping to all this tips, you can still get shot by a member of the Nigerian police force not because you broke a law or anything but because you were at the right place at the wrong time. Like this poor widow who was mistakenly shot by the police while they were chasing a yahoo boy… You can avert this by praying to your God, whichecer one you serve.

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Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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