10 Unbelievable And Shocking Facts About Nigeria Today

A lot of changes have occurred in Nigeria in the past 20 years… some of this changes are unbelievable while some are just plain shocking (like the increase in suicide rates) and this changes are influenced partly by factors like corruption, stupidity, western cultures etc. Anyways sit tight as i take you through the 10 Unbelievable And Shocking Facts About Nigeria Today

1. People now celebrate crooked politicians

Corrupt politicians in nigeria are being celebrsted

We are in a Nigeria now where convicted politicians are celebrated in their hometowns.

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2. No one goes to the cyber cafe again

No one goes to the cyber cafe any lonher
We now have the internet in our pockets (phones) and bags (laptops), no one ever thought this day would come.

3. Divorce rate in the country is increasing

Divorce rate increasing in nigeria

The word ‘divorce’ used to be a taboo in Nigeria, but now no one respects the institution of marriage anymore. All thanks to america, Gods own country.

4. Suicide rate is also increasing

Suicide rate going up in nigeria
Never in the history of Nigeria has suicide been so widespread. There is so much despair in the land.

5. Terror attacks are now a norm

Terror attacks are now a norm in Nigeria
Terror attacks used to be something we saw only in foreign news but not anymore, now we have boko haram, herdsmen, ND avengers etc.. We never thought this day would come.

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6. More parents are now pushing their kids into entertainmeng

Parents are now supporting their kids

Parents have seen how much money can be made from football, music, comedy etc they are now the ones encouraging their kids to nurture their talent.

In those days the reverse was the case.

7. We now have a made in Nigeria car

Innoson motor

Which is very awesome,. Thanks innoson.

8. There are more prisoners in the country than there were 20 years ago

Nigeria prison populatio
Since its inception in 1861 there has been a steady rise in the population of people in our prisons. According to prisonstudies.org there were a little over 41,000 prisoners in Nigeria in the 80’s, but now that number has gone up to 67,000.

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9. There are more billionaires in Nigeria than there were 20 years ago

Nigerian billionaires

A result of more people going into business.

10. Certificates dont matter anymore

Certificates don't matter anymore in nigeria
Having a certificate used to be quite a very big deal and was the fastest way to get a good job in Nigeria, but not anymore… if you dont know someone at the top then you are on your own.

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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