Jesus and Other Gods Born on December 25

JESUS AND OTHER GODS BORN ON DECEMBER 25. Coincidence or a Case of Divine Peer Pressure?

First, I need to say that I love Christmas and that I want the festival to stay. I have lived long enough to see rivers of wine overflow their banks every December 25. As a fish that breathes only in liquor, Christmas means a lot to me. Christmas is also a holocaust for chickens and turkeys, and I am a carnivore. I am a carnivorous liquor-phibian, and Christmas day, is my favourite day of the year.

Jesus and Other Gods Born on December 25

However, what I do not understand is why many gods were born today. I mean, December 25 is Christmas because Christians say that Christ was born today. But today could as well be Horus-mas, after the Egyptian Horus, or Krishna-mas, after the Indian Krishna, or Amadioha-mas, after the Igbo Amadioha, or Any-god-mas, since many religions claim today as their god’s birthday. I bet you didn’t know about these claims, maybe because Jesus became the kid with the coolest toys and so, has many friends and followers attending his birthday party after party.

In this post, you will find a list of gods celebrating their birthdays today. This list only carries the most popular gods that rocked today before Christ came and crashed their parties. However, I think the birth claims of the gods in this list are only products of religious egos and man’s generosity with lies.

Jesus and Other Gods Born on December 25


Jesus and Other Gods Born on December 25Buddha is an Indian God that once had a lot of souls in his soul-bank account. His worshippers claim Buddha’s birth falls on December 25, 563 BC. They claim Buddha was born of a virgin called Maya long before Isaiah became a prophet to foresee that Jesus too will be born of another virgin called Mary. They claim their god was immaculately conceived and that the world shall be saved through him.


Krishna was born on December 25thIn the same India, Krishna’s soul-bank account swelled with souls long before Adam rose from dust to eat an apple and put the world in trouble. He was famed to be the incarnate of the god Vishnu and born of a virgin called Devaki. Krishna enjoys the luxury of different dates of birth every year which depends on the spiritual mood of his followers. One of Krishna’s dates of birth is December 25.


HorusThe followers of the Egyptian solar deity, Horus, claim he suckled at the breasts of a virgin centuries before Jesus did. One major controversy surrounding his birth is that his virgin mother has a confusing gender, but we know nothing is impossible with god. Horus worshippers also celebrate the birth of their god today.


Mitras was born on December 25thMithras is yet another interesting god that followers claim was born on December 25. This god, unlike Jesus and his other peers, was not born of a virgin or any human for that matter. His worshippers claim he simply emanated from a rock. Science calls the breaking down of rocks weathering. Mithras happens to be one giant debris of rock that fell out on December 25.


AmadiohaAmadioha is the Igbo god of thunder. He was demonized and dumped by his worshippers when they learned of Jesus and other seemingly truer gods. The Igbos believe that gods predate man. No one knows Amadioha’s birthday but it won’t be a coincidence if he too was born today.


Jesus Born on December 25Jesus, also known as Christ, is so far the world’s favourite god in terms of followership. He is also the youngest god amongst his peers in terms of birth. Jesus is believed to be immaculately conceived and born of a virgin called Mary. He is also believed to be the incarnate of the Godhead. Christians believe Jesus Christ was born on December 25, which is why they call today Christ-mas after the title of their god.

Many less popular religions and worshippers have also claimed today as the date of birth for their gods. Man likes to make sense of everything. I think the reason is because man’s ego feels comfortable, more powerful, and in charge when he thinks he understands. Man is so arrogant that when he can’t make sense of something, he gives it one. It is ridiculous that man woke up one morning and decided to decide the date of God’s birth.

Humans are drunk in individual egos, and that is why they do not agree on one thing, even on God. In the arrogance of their egos, they have put their gods in a supremacy tournament where the gods must compete for a trivial trophy of who was born today.

God only makes sense as a mystery. Whether the deity in question is the Almighty, or a minion of the Almighty, the primary attribute of godhood is a fog of inexplicability. I think most attempts by men to explain God are motivated by their individual egos and therefore, self-serving.

This service of ego is the reason the will of man has become the will of God. The subtle meaning here, is that ego is the stock man sells, and God has become a fancy wrapper he could redesign to attract buyers at any time and age.

Chiedozie Omeje
Chiedozie Omeje
Chiedozie is a writer and a reader. He is also a firm believer that man's idiocy is the reason he claims he's a higher animal.


  1. Thought provoking write up I must say, although I beg to differ on your last paragraph. You opined that God is a product of Man’s ego, in other words, ‘God’ is formed in our mind in a way that their existence is to satisfy man’s ego. This opinion didn’t take into account the ‘divine’ nature of God.

  2. Perhaps you should research the Historical Christ because your logic, however sound, is misleading; bordering on misinformation because the premise from which it is based is not accurate at all. Outside of 4 year olds and maybe a few uneducated people, no real educated person ever claimed to know the exact day Christ was born, only the season, if that. In fact, shepherds suggests it was around the Spring time but, I digress. Historically, Christmas is NOT the day of his birth. Simply the day that was chosen as a solemn feast for celebrating it.
    The 25th, specifically, amongst many other historically Pagan days, was chosen by authorities during the late Roman Empire just about the 3rd century after his birth to include pagans in there feasts with the hopes of winning their fellow pagan celebrates over to Christianity too.
    This is Common knowledge, I’m very surprised you did not come across this in your studies. However, to be frank, it seemed you were more astute on all the other gods than you were about the very one you have based this entire article on.
    So, I’m sorry, I would give this a D+ perhaps a C- at best as it is provocative; and “Click Bait-esq” (which, I’m sure, is what you were aiming for to say the least). Plus, to be fair, it was educational, around all the other “deities” listed. However, I’m afraid at its core, it lacks discipline, around the very subject matter from which the entire article is based!

    Yet, dare I say, interesting read!
    Thank you and all the best to you friend.


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