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Most Powerful Women in Africa (2024)

In a continent marked by diversity, resilience, and dynamism, African women are increasingly taking center stage in various spheres, showcasing their prowess, leadership, and determination. From politics to business, media to diplomacy, these women are breaking barriers, reshaping narratives,...

List of West African Countries and their Presidents (2024)

This is a list of West African countries and their presidents in the year 2024. West African Presidents and their Presidents Below are the presidents of the various countries located in the west African sub region of Africa. Benin – Patrice Guillaume...

Quobna Cugoano: The Remarkable Journey of a Ghanaian Slave who Became an Abolitionist in 18th Century Britain

Ottobah Quobna Cugoano was a Ghanaian abducted as a child and trafficked to Britain who rose above the horrors of slavery to become a famous abolitionist, working for the freedom and dignity of his fellow oppressed people.

Alessandro De’ Medici: The First Black Duke in European History

As the first African-Italian duke in history, he is often referred to as "The Black Duke of Florence." His life and reign, though relatively short, left a lasting impact on Florence and the course of Italian history.

Matt Ingram, the Black Man Who Was Convicted in 1951 for Staring at a White Woman

Matt Ingram was accused of “reckless eyeballing,” (the improper looking at a white person, with sexual intent). He was one of the last African Americans convicted under this law. The case became well-known by civil rights activist in North Carolina.

How France Brutally Responded to Guinea’s Demand for Independence in 1958

In the aftermath of Guinea's vote for independence, France ignored Guinea's request for diplomatic recognition and launched a deliberate campaign to dismantle and destroy the infrastructure and resources they had developed within the country.

List of African Countries and Their Capitals (Updated)

The African continent is home to a diverse array of nations, each with its own rich history, culture, and government. In this comprehensive list, we present the African countries alongside their respective capitals

African Countries Colonized by Portugal

Portugal, known for its maritime prowess during the Age of Discovery, played a significant role in the colonization of Africa. As one of the earliest European powers to venture into the continent, Portugal established colonies that left a lasting impact on the countries they occupied.

African Countries Colonized by Britain and their Dates of Independence

The years of independence for the British colonies in Africa varied, with some countries gaining independence in the 1950s and others not achieving independence until the 1980s.

List of African Presidents Who Have Died in Office, 2024

Throughout Africa's history, there have been several presidents who have died while in office. Some of these deaths have been the result of natural causes, while others have been the result of assassination or other violent means. In this...
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Autherine Lucy: The Black Woman Whose Admission to the University of Alabama Sparked a Riot in 1956

Autherine Juanita Lucy was an American activist whose admission to the University of Alabama sparked a riot, leading to...
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