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Ahmadou Bamba: The Senegalese Leader Exiled by the French for Inciting “Anti-Colonial Disobedience” in 1895

Ahmadou Bamba, also known to followers as "The Servant of the Messenger" and Serigne Touba or "Sheikh of Touba," was a religious leader in Senegal and the founder of the large Mouride Brotherhood (the Muridiyya) who was exiled by...

Mandume: The African King Who Led an Uprising Against Portuguese Colonial Rule in 1914

Mandume ya Ndemufayo was the last king of the Oukwanyama people, a subgroup of the Ovambo ethnic group in southern Angola and northern Namibia. He is known for leading an uprising against Portuguese colonial rule during World War I.

Onesimus: How an Enslaved African Gifted to a Pastor Helped Save Boston from Smallpox

Onesimus was an enslaved African who, in the late 17th century, was purchased and given as a gift to Puritan minister Cotton Mather. His extensive knowledge of inoculation, a practice he had undergone in Africa to prevent smallpox, would...

Titina Silá: The Freedom Fighter Murdered by Portugal for Championing Guinea Bissau’s Liberation

Titina Silá was born into a world shaped by colonial rule, where the people of Guinea-Bissau were subjected to the exploitative practices of Portuguese imperialism. The oppressive environment she grew up in later became a catalyst for her activism....

Kpana Lewis: The African Chief Exiled to Ghana for Resisting British Colonialism

Kpana Lewis was a Sherbro chief from Sierra Leone and a vocal opponent of colonial rule of the British who was exiled to Ghana for resisting colonialism. Kpana Lewis was born in 1830 on Sherbro Island in the Southern Province...

Remembering Bruce Boynton: the Activist Who Was Arrested and Jailed for Ordering Burger at a Whites Only Restaurant

Boynton's simple act of ordering a cheeseburger in a whites-only restaurant sparked a legal battle that led to significant changes in the country's discriminatory practices.

Matilda McCrear – The Story of the Last Surviving Victim of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in the United States

Matilda McCrear is a yoruba woman who is known as the last known living survivor in the United States of the transatlantic slave trade and the ship Clotilda. Born around 1857 in the Yoruba region of present-day southwestern Nigeria, McCrear,...

Andrew Zondo: The Freedom Fighter Who Was Executed for Resisting Apartheid in South Africa

Andrew Zondo, was a courageous freedom fighter, whose life was marked by a fierce determination to resist the oppressive apartheid regime that sought to perpetuate racial segregation and discrimination. Born around 1966 or 1967 in KwaMashu, a township near Durban,...

Top Worst Performing Currencies in Africa (2024)

According to bloomberg, African currencies faced significant challenges in 2024, with some experiencing alarming decline against the United States dollar. Among the top worst performing currencies in Africa, the Nigerian Naira takes the lead, undergoing a staggering 55% decline...

List of West African Countries and their Presidents (2024)

This is a list of West African countries and their presidents in the year 2024. West African Presidents and their Presidents Below are the presidents of the various countries located in the west African sub region of Africa. Benin – Patrice Guillaume...

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South Carolina Negro Act of 1740: The Code that Prohibited Enslaved Africans from Learning to Read

Passed by the South Carolina Assembly on the 10th of May, 1740, the Negro Act was a comprehensive set...
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