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How Enslaved Africans Were Castrated by Arab Slavers During the Arabian Slave Trade

Among the most horrifying practices during this era was the castration of some male slaves, often young boys, which not only inflicted severe physical and emotional pain but also claimed the lives of many victims.

The Brutal Sack of Sansanné Haoussa by French Colonial Forces in Niger in 1899

The Sack of Sansanné-Haoussa was a military expedition that took place in the village of Sansanné Haoussa, located in present-day Niger. This haunting military campaign unleashed a wave of destruction, resulting in the tragic loss of one hundred and one lives.

Dr. Bofinger: The Doctor Who Experimented on Imprisoned Natives During the German Genocide of the Hereros in Namibia

Dr. Bofinger was a German physician who performed medical experiments on imprisoned natives suffering from scurvy during the Herero Genocide in Namibia.

Badu Bonsu II: The Ghanaian King Who Was Beheaded for Rebelling Against the Dutch in 1838


East St. Louis Race Riot: The Race Riot that Left 6,000 Black Americans Homeless in 1917

The East St. Louis Race Riot of 1917 are remembered as one of the most tragic instances of labor-related violence and one of the most devastating racial riots in the history of the United States. During these riots, between 39 and 150 African Americans lost their lives, and an additional 6,000 black people were left homeless.

Ellen and William Craft: The Black Couple Who Escaped Slavery by Disguising Themselves

The plan, devised by William, was to utilize Ellen's appearance and have her disguise herself as a wealthy white man traveling with his male slave, William.

David Stuurman: The South African Chief Who Was Exiled by the British for Offering Refuge to Escaped Slaves

David Stuurman was a Khoi chief and political activist, who played a significant role in the resistance against Dutch and British colonial administration in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Leblouh and the Fattening Farms of Mauritania

Leblouh, also known as gavage, is a cultural practice in Mauritani that involves force-feeding young girls with large quantities of food and liquids, with the intention of achieving a specific body size or shape associated with beauty or social status.

Queen Anne’s Bounty: The Church of England’s Link to the Atlantic Slave Trade

In the 18th century, while the Church preached to Africans about a God in whose image they were made, it funded a company that carted them away from Africa in ten of thousands.

Gabriel’s Rebellion: The Slave Rebellion That Was Betrayed by Two Enslaved Informants

Gabriel's Rebellion was a significant event in American history, representing a courageous attempt by enslaved Africans to secure their freedom in the face of oppressive bondage. However, the rebellion was ultimately thwarted by the actions of two enslaved informants who betrayed Gabriel and his followers.

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