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The Doctrine of Discovery: How the Catholic Church Authorized Colonial Powers to Seize Lands and Subjugate People in Africa

The Doctrine of Discovery was instrumental in legitimizing European colonialism in Africa. As European powers embarked on voyages of exploration and expansion, they carried with them the papal bulls that provided divine sanction for their actions.

Rosa Egipcaca: The Enslaved Prostitute Who Became a Pioneering Afro-Brazilian Writer and Religious Mystic

Rosa Egipcíaca, also known as Rosa Maria Egipcíaca of Vera Cruz and Rosa Courana, was an extraordinary individual whose life journey traversed the harsh realities of enslavement, prostitution, spiritual awakening, and ultimately, literary achievement. Born in 1719 in the...

Rubin Stacey: The Black Man Who Was Lynched in Florida in 1935 for Frightening a White Lady

Rubin Stacy was a 29-year-old Black man who tragically became a victim of racial violence and lynching in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1935. He was lynched after a white woman named Marion Jones became frightened when he knocked on her door, leading to a false accusation.

Gquma: The White Woman Who Ruled as Queen in the South African Kingdom of AmaMpondo in the 1700s

A famous figure in South African history, Gquma was a white girl that was adopted by a local clan following a shipwreck that brought her upon their shores in the 1700s.

Noyes Academy: The US School Demolished for Enrolling Black Students in 1835

Noyes Academy was a pioneering educational institution that boldly admitted both black and white students, defying the deeply ingrained racial segregation of the era. Tragically, this act of progressivism led to the school's eventual demise in 1835.

How Enslaved Africans Were Castrated by Arab Slavers During the Arabian Slave Trade

Among the most horrifying practices during this era was the castration of some male slaves, often young boys, which not only inflicted severe physical and emotional pain but also claimed the lives of many victims.

The Brutal Sack of Sansanné Haoussa by French Colonial Forces in Niger in 1899

The Sack of Sansanné-Haoussa was a military expedition that took place in the village of Sansanné Haoussa, located in present-day Niger. This haunting military campaign unleashed a wave of destruction, resulting in the tragic loss of one hundred and one lives.

Dr. Bofinger: The Doctor Who Experimented on Imprisoned Natives During the German Genocide of the Hereros in Namibia

Dr. Bofinger was a German physician who performed medical experiments on imprisoned natives suffering from scurvy during the Herero Genocide in Namibia.

Badu Bonsu II: The Ghanaian King Who Was Beheaded for Rebelling Against the Dutch in 1838


East St. Louis Race Riot: The Race Riot that Left 6,000 Black Americans Homeless in 1917

The East St. Louis Race Riot of 1917 are remembered as one of the most tragic instances of labor-related violence and one of the most devastating racial riots in the history of the United States. During these riots, between 39 and 150 African Americans lost their lives, and an additional 6,000 black people were left homeless.

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Isaac Simmons: The Black Minister Brutally Lynched by a White Mob for His 220-Acre Land in 1945

Reverend Isaac Simmons was a Black preacher and farmer from Amite County, Mississippi, who was murdered by a gang...
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