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Sir Harry Rawson: The British Officer Behind the 1897 Benin Expedition and the Plundering of Priceless Benin Bronzes

Admiral Sir Harry Rawson was a renowned British naval officer who became famous for leading the 1897 Benin Expedition, which ended in the capture and sacking of Benin City, the eventual fall of the Benin Kingdom, and its incorporation into colonial Nigeria.


Julie Hayden: The 17-Year-Old Black American Girl Who Was Murdered for Educating Black Children in 1874

Julie Hayden was a 17-year-old Black school teacher who was murdered in 1874 for teaching Black children in Hartsville, Tennessee, by members of the White Man’s League.


Top 20 Happiest Countries in Africa, 2023

According to the latest World Happiness Index, the top five countries in Africa with the highest levels of happiness are Mauritius, Algeria, South Africa, Republic of Congo, and Guinea.