Top 20 Most Terrorised Countries in Africa 2020

Attacks from herders killed more Nigerians in 2018, compared to the number of deaths caused by Boko Haram in the country, according to 2019 Global Terrorism Index (GTI).

Top 20 Most Terrorised Countries in Africa, 2020

The GTI report released towards the end of 2019 ranked Nigeria, for the fifth consecutive time, since 2015, as the third country with the worst impact from terrorism, globally and the most Terrorised Country in Africa.

Afghanistan, meanwhile, has overtaken Iraq to become number one on the list, while the latter moved down to the second position.

Somalia, DR Congo, Egypt and Libya are ranked second, third, fourth and fifth respectively in the GTI report, while Mali, Central African Republic, Cameroon, South Sudan and Sudan are sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and 10th respectively.

The report said terror-related incidents in Nigeria increased by 37 per cent, from 411 in 2017 to 562 in 2018 and also deaths from terrorism in the country rose to 2,040 in 2018, a 33 per cent increase.

“The increase was due to a substantial escalation of violence by ‘Fulani’ extremists, whilst Boko Haram recorded a decline in deaths from terrorism,” the report said.

Dispute over ownership and usage of land has remained the major cause of the violence conflict between Fulani herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria.

“Violence between Nigerian herders and farmers intensified in early 2018 with approximately 300,000 people fleeing their homes. The most recent escalation in violence follows increased militia attacks and implementation of new anti-grazing legislation,” the latest report said.

The deadliest terrorist incident in Nigeria in 2018, according to the report, occurred on May 5 when assailants attacked Gwaska, Kaduna.

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The report said 58 people were killed in the attack, which it said was attributed to ‘Fulani extremists’.

The GTI report attributed the decline in Boko Haram attacks to a multinational task force fighting the terrorist group.

Below are the top 20 most Terrorised Countries in Africa, 2020

Country | Score

1. Nigeria, 8.597
2. Somalia, 7.8
3. DR Congo, 7.039
4. Egypt, 6.794
5. Libya, 6.766
6. Mali, 6.653
7. Central African Republic, 6.622
8. Cameroon, 6.62
9. South Sudan, 6.316
10. Sudan, 5.807
11. Kenya, 5.756
12. Niger, 5.596
13. Mozambique, 5.542
14. Burkina Faso, 5.418
15. Ethiopia, 5.345
16. Burundi, 5.102
17. Chad, 4.762
18. South Africa, 4.511
19. Uganda, 3.957
20. Tunisia, 3.938


The GTI, which is in its seventh edition, is produced annually by the Institute for Economics & Peace, an independent, non-partisan, non-profit think tank with offices in Sydney, New York, and Mexico City.

The GTI monitors and measures the impacts of terrorism in 163 countries, which covers 99.7 per cent of the world’s population.

The GTI uses a total number of terrorist incidents, total number of fatalities caused by terrorists, the total number of injuries caused by terrorists, a measure of the total property damage from terrorist incidents in a given year to arrive at its ranking.

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