10 Things That Are Just So Normal in Nigeria

There are certain things that are just so normal in Nigeria that when they happen we don’t get bothered, worried or even think about it. 

Here are 10 things that are just so normal in Nigeria.

1. Channels TV winning best TV station

The station’s bias for news has placed it well above other competitors in the Nigerian television industry. So it Usually comes as no surprise whenever the award is given to them.

2. Politicians not fulfilling their campaign promises

Nigerian politicians
During election periods they often try to outdo each other by making promises they have no intention of keeping in order to win votes. In Nigeria this is a trend we just believe has come to stay.

3. Churches building schools their members can’t afford

Churches building schools members cant afford

Why this church-owned universities set their fees so high that the common man can’t afford to enroll his children is beyond my comprehension. But i’m sure they have their reasons.

4. Golden eaglets winning U17 world cup

Golden eaglets
Its now seen as a norm that we dont even celebrate as much as we used to back in the days.

5. Police harassment

Police harassment in nigeria

A typical Nigerian knows this for a fact. Even the Nigerian police will tell you that harassment of citizens is a normal thing. 

6. Dstv losing its signal whenever the weather changes

Dont know why it is so, but this also is a normal thing. When it happens all we do is curse and wait for the signal to be restored.

7. Harrasment in tertiary institutions

Sexual harassment in Nigerian schools
Image source: iwilltalk.com

Researchers of international repute  once described Nigerian tertiary institutions as sex colonies were rape and other forms of coerced copulation and sexual harrassment are practiced without sanctions. Most times by our so called lecturers. 

The sad part is we have learnt to live with it.

8. Epileptic power supply in Nigeria

Its so bad that whenever they give us steady light, we get scared, because its not normal, we have gotten used to the epileptic power supply in Nigeria.

9. Bribery & Corruption

Bribery and corruption in nigeria

Every Nigerian complains about bribery and corruption but we are all part of it. No single Nigerian can come out and say he has not indulged in bribery and corruption before. Its a norm.

Most people have gotten so used to corruption that they dont like the idea of a corrupt free Nigeria.

10. Jungle justice

Jungle justice in Nigeria

Seeing angry youths meting out jungle justice on a suspected crinunal is also a norm in our country, most times passers by dont even bother to intervene because they know better. Even the Government cant do anything about it.

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.


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