4 Roman Catholic Popes Who Allegedly Died During Sex

The Catholic Church has had a long and rich history, with 266 popes having served since the church’s inception. While most popes have passed away peacefully, there have been some allegations throughout history that certain popes have died while engaging in sexual acts. These allegations, however, are not substantiated by historical records and are considered to be rumors and legends. Despite this, the stories of these popes have persisted in popular culture and have been the subject of much speculation. In this list, we will take a look at four popes who have been alleged to have died while engaging in sexual acts, and explore the historical context and evidence surrounding these rumors. It’s worth noting that these are unverified claims, and should be treated with skepticism.

Below are 4 Roman catholic popes who allegedly died during sex.

1. Pope Leo VII (936-939)


Pope Leo VII served as the Catholic Pope from 3 January 936 until his passing in 939. The exact circumstances of his death remain unclear and are not well-documented. Some accounts suggest that he passed away on 14 May 964, allegedly suffering from a paralytic stroke while engaged in a sexual encounter with a woman named Stefanetta. Another tale proposes an alternative version, speculating that he might have met his demise when the woman’s husband fatally struck him with a hammer. These narratives, however intriguing, lack conclusive evidence and are surrounded by historical uncertainty.

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2. Pope John VII (955-64)

Pope John VII (Latin: Ioannes VII), born around 650, served as the Catholic Pope from 1 March 705 until his passing in 707. Like his predecessor, John VI, he hailed from Greek ancestry.

On the 18th of October, 707, Pope John VII passed away, and he was laid to rest in the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, an extension to St. Peter’s.

Historical accounts suggest that Pope John VII met a tragic end, allegedly bludgeoned to death by an enraged man who purportedly discovered him engaging in a sexual encounter with his wife. While such stories have circulated, it is essential to recognize that historical details from this era can often be obscure and open to varied interpretations.

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3. Pope John XIII (965-72)

Pope John XIII was a catholic Pope from 1 October 965 until his death in 972. After which He was succeeded by Pope Benedict VI.

It is also alleged that he died after being heavily assaulted by an hungry husband who caught him having sex with his wife.

4. Pope Paul II (1467-71)

Pope Paul II, born Pietro Barbo, was a Catholic Pope from 30th August 1464 until his death in 1471, when he died of a sudden heart attack.  Reports surrounding his death alleged that he died whilst being sodomized by a page boy (servant).

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
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