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The Remarkable Story of Charles L. Reason: The First Black College Professor in the United States

Charles Lewis Reason, an American mathematician, linguist, and educator, was the first black college professor in the United States. He taught at New York Central College in McGrawville.

The Brutal Lynching of Frazier B. Baker and His Infant Daughter by a White Mob in 1898

In 1897, when Frazier B. Baker, an African-American educator, assumed the role of postmaster in Lake City, South Carolina, local whites objected angrily and launched a campaign to remove him. Despite their efforts, when they failed to remove Baker...

The Brutal Lynching of Luther Holbert and His Wife by a White Mob in 1904

Luther Holbert born in 1852, was an African American man who was tortured and lynched alongside his wife by a mob in Doddsville, Mississippi on Sunday, February 7, 1904, after being accused of a double murder. Born into slavery in...

King Kabalega: The African King Exiled for Resisting British Colonial Forces in 1899

Omukama Chwa II Kabalega, born on June 18, 1853, was the ruler or Omukama of Bunyoro, also known as Bunyoro-Kitara, a Bantu kingdom in Western Uganda, from 1870 to 1899, and a legendary hero who fought against British colonialism. Kabalega...

The Beautiful Rock-Hewn Churches of Ethiopia

The Rock-hewn Churches of Lalibela are eleven monolithic churches carved into the rugged landscapes of Lalibela, in Ethiopia, these remarkable structures were commissioned by King Gebre Meskel Lalibela in the late 12th and early 13th centuries and aimed to...

Most Powerful Women in Africa (2024)

In a continent marked by diversity, resilience, and dynamism, African women are increasingly taking center stage in various spheres, showcasing their prowess, leadership, and determination. From politics to business, media to diplomacy, these women are breaking barriers, reshaping narratives,...

King Gbudue: The African Leader Killed by the British for Opposing Colonization in 1905

King Gbudue was a royal Azande leader and arguably the most prominent person in the recent history of the Azande people.

Woold Home: The Togolese Slave ‘House Of Horrors’ That Was Run By An African Royalty in the 19th century

Once captured, the people were taken into the woold home and thrown into the confinement under the house. They were crammed there for several weeks until the slave ships came back to take them off to the Americas. In modern...

Nathaniel Gordon: The Only Slave Trader to Be Tried and Executed in the United States for Engaging in Slave Trade

Nathaniel Gordon was a slave trader who, in 1862, became the only person in U.S. history to be executed for being engaged in the illegal trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Tom Wiggins: The Blind Autistic Musical Genius Who Was Exploited by His White Masters Throughout His Life

Born into slavery, Thomas Wiggins “Blind Tom”, was a musical prodigy who became a touring phenomenon in the 1800’s, playing his own compositions and improvising on the piano.

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The Newark Riots of 1967 and how it was Ignited by Police Brutality

The Newark riots, which stand as one of the most devastating urban uprisings in American history, were part of...
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