Doctor Caesar: The Enslaved African Who Was Freed in Exchange for Revealing His Poison Antidote in South Carolina in 1750

Caesar was an enslaved African man who made a name for himself as a gifted healer in colonial South Carolina during the mid-18th century. His expertise proved to be particularly valuable when he discovered an antidote for poisons and...

Signares: The Powerful West African Women of the Atlantic Slave Trade

The Signares were a group of powerful African women in the Atlantic slave trade who controlled the export of enslaved Africans from West Africa to the Americas in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Ayuba Suleiman: On His Way to Sell His Slaves, This African Royal Was Abducted and Sold into Slavery in 1730

Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, also known as Job Ben Solomon, was a prominent Fulani Muslim prince from Guinea, West Africa who was kidnapped on his way to sell two slaves by the Mandinkas and shipped to the Americas during the...

The Tragic Story of George and Willie Muse, the Black Brothers Who Were Kidnapped and Forced to Perform in Circuses

George and Willie Muse were two brothers born in rural Virginia in the late 19th century. They were members of the African American community, and their family worked as sharecroppers. However, their lives took a drastic turn when they were kidnapped and forced to become part of a circus sideshow.

Sebastián Lemba: The Runaway Slave Who Led a 15-Year Rebellion Against Spanish Colonial Rule in 16th Century Dominican Republic

Sebastián Lemba was a brave and fearless leader who led a rebellion against Spanish colonial rule on the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic) during the 1540s.

Eugen Fischer: The German Doctor Who Conducted Human Experiments on Herero and Namaqua People in Namibia from 1904-1908

Eugen Fischer was a German physician and anthropologist who gained notoriety for his work in eugenics and racial hygiene. He is best known for conducting medical experiments on the Herero and Namaqua people of what is now Namibia during the colonial period.

Davy the Maroon: The Jamaican Slave Catcher Who Made a Living Chasing Runaway Slaves

Captain Davy was an eighteenth-century Maroon officer who gained notoriety by killing Coromantee Tacky (chief) of the tribe, the leader of Tacky's Revolt, the most dangerous slave rebellion in eighteenth-century Jamaica.

The Forgotten Legacy of Anton Wilhelm Amo: The Enslaved Ghanaian Who Was Gifted to a German Prince in 1707

Anton Wilhelm Amo, was a man of Ghanaian descent who was enslaved and later given as a gift to a German prince in 1707. Despite being a slave, Anton Wilhelm Amo rose to prominence as a philosopher and made important contributions to the field.

Pedro Blanco: The Spanish Merchant Who Built a Slave Trading Empire in West Africa in the 19th Century

Pedro Blanco was a Spanish merchant who played a significant role in the transatlantic slave trade during the 19th century. Born in the late 18th century, Blanco built his fortune by establishing a slave trading empire in West Africa

Code Noir: The Decree that Once Regulated the Lives of African Slaves in French Colonies

The Code’s sixty articles regulated the life, death, purchase, religion, and treatment of slaves by their masters in all French colonies. The Code Noir also known as the Black Code was a decree originally passed by France's King Louis...
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King Hintsa: The Xhosa Leader Who Was Betrayed, Killed, and Mutilated by the British

King Hintsa, also known as Hintsa kaKhawuta, was the king of the Xhosa Kingdom from 1804-1835. As a formidable...
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