Study: Taking Birth Control Pills Increases A Woman’s Chances Of Developing Breast Cancer

A new study out of Denmark, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, finds that women who take hormonal birth control have an up to 38% increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Study: Taking Birth Control Pills Increases A Woman's Chances Of Developing Breast Cancer

The study looked at 1.8 million women and found that those who use hormonal birth control methods, from the pill to the ring to implants, have an up to 38% increased chance of breast cancer. The risk level increased the longer a woman had been taking hormonal contraceptives, with the average risk increase being 20%.

The researchers saw a 9% increased breast cancer risk among women taking hormonal contraceptives for under a year, rising to 38% if more than 10 years.

“It’s very important to realize it’s a slight increased risk, but that risk is no different than drinking alcohol – that’s already there and we still drink alcohol,” said Dr. Slusher.

Slusher says this study should still be taken seriously and looked at over time.

Uzonna Anele
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