April fool

Top 10: South Africa and Botswana are the Best Places to be a Woman Entrepreneur in Africa

South Africa, Botswana and Ghana has been ranked as Africa's best place to be a woman entrepreneur, according to a new report released Monday. The nation jumped up three places this year to steal the title from New Zealand after...

6 Epic April Fool’s Day Pranks Of All Time (From Around Africa)

So today is the 1st day of April also called the most foolish day of the year and many people, govts etc will be pranked today just hope you reading this won't fall for any. Anyways to celebrate today,...
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The Shilluk People’s Creation Narrative: How the Different Races on Earth Were Created

According to the Shilluk people of south sudan, the creator Juok played a central role in fashioning humanity from clay, assigning different complexions to the various races based on the colors of the clay he used.