Akwamu Rebellion of 1733: The Earliest and Longest Slave Rebellions in the Americas

The 1733 Akwamu slave insurrection on St. John, which lasted from November 1733 until August 1734, was one of the earliest and longest slave rebellions in the Americas. The insurrection started on 23 November 1733, when 150 Akwamu slaves...

Memphis Massacre of 1866: The Racial Massacre That Targeted African Americans and Exposed the Brutality of Racism

The Memphis Massacre of 1866 was a sequence of violent incidents that took place in Memphis, Tennessee from May 1 to 3, 1866, and targeted African Americans. The racial rioting resulted in 48 fatalities, several rapes, the burning of 91 homes, churches, and 12 black schools.

Quobna Cugoano: The Remarkable Journey of a Ghanaian Slave who Became an Abolitionist in 18th Century Britain

Ottobah Quobna Cugoano was a Ghanaian abducted as a child and trafficked to Britain who rose above the horrors of slavery to become a famous abolitionist, working for the freedom and dignity of his fellow oppressed people.

Benkos Biohó: The Runaway Slave Who Established the First Free African Town in the Americas in 1599

Domingo Biohó Also known as Domingo Biohó, was born in the 16th century into a royal family that ruled Bioho one of the Bissagos Islands off the coast of what is today Guinea-Bissau. He was kidnapped by the Portuguese...

Wilson Chinn: The Branded Slave Whose Forehead Bore His Owner’s Initials

Wilson Chinn was an escaped American slave who gained recognition for being photographed with the initials of his owner, Volsey B. Marmillion, branded on his forehead.

Badu Bonsu II: The Ghanaian King Who Was Beheaded for Rebelling Against the Dutch in 1838


Ignatius Fortuna: The Enslaved African Who Was Presented as a Gift to a German Princess in 1735

gnatius Fortuna was born around 1730 in the Dutch colony of Surinam. In 1735, as a young boy, he was taken to Europe by Franz Adam Schiffer, an Essen merchant, who presented him as a gift to the abbess of Essen Abbey, Countess Palatine Francisca Christina of Sulzbach.

How Africans Were Lured into Slave Ships by European Slave Traders

During the transatlantic slave trade, European slave traders employed various cunning tactics to lure Africans onto their ships, capitalizing on their vulnerability and ignorance. This article explores the deceptive methods employed by European slavers and the heart-wrenching stories of Africans who were lured into the treacherous journey across the Atlantic.

John Hawkins: The Father of the English Slave Trade and His Infamous Slave Ship, the Jesus of Lübeck

John Hawkins was an English naval commander and merchant who played a significant role in the early development of English involvement in the transatlantic slave trade during the 16th century.

African Kingdoms that Actively Participated in the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

While European slave traders were the driving force behind this brutal system, they were not the only participants. African societies also played a role in the capture, sale, and transport of enslaved people.
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