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The Volta-Bani War of 1915: French West Africans’ Rebellion Against French Military Conscription During World War I

The Volta-Bani War was a major yet obscure anti-colonial rebellion which took place in French West Africa, in the areas of modern Burkina Faso and Mali between 1915 and 1917. This conflict emerged as indigenous African forces, uniting various...

761st Tank Battalion: The Segregated Unit of the United States Army During World War II

The 761st Tank Battalion, also known as the "Black Panthers," was a unit of the United States Army during World War II. This unit was comprised primarily of African American soldiers and was one of the first all-black armored units to see combat.

Job Maseko: The South African WW2 Hero Who Sunk a German Ship Whilst a Prisoner

Job Maseko was a South African soldier during World War II, who gained fame by his actions in sinking a German vessel whilst serving as a prisoner of war.
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John Brown: The Abolitionist Executed for Inciting a Slave Rebellion in West Virginia in 1859

John Brown was a prominent leader in the American abolitionist movement during the decades leading up to the Civil...