Top 10 Most Attractive Investment Destinations in Africa, 2018

Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) a diversified financial services brand encompassing Investment Banking, Fund Management, Corporate Banking and Advisory Services based in South Africa, has released its eighth edition of Where to Invest in Africa. The theme for 2019 is infrastructure in Africa and offers insights into investment opportunities across the continent.

According to the report, These are Africa’s 10 Most Attractive Investment Destination in Africa, 2018 according to RMB’s 2019 “Where to Invest in Africa” report:

10 Most Attractive Investment Destination in Africa, 2018
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1. Egypt

North Africas Giant, and the second richest country in Africa accorfing to AfrAsia Bank Africa Wealth Report top this years list of invest opportunities in Africa due to structural reforms and infrastructure development.

2. South Africa

South Africa is currently a hot spot for FDI, with President Ramaphosa’s efforts to build a US$100 billion book of foreign and domestic investments project on track.
“The country’s currency and capital markets remain a cut above the rest of the African countries.”
— Celeste Fauconnier, RMB

3. Morocco

Fourth richest in Africa, so obviously there is money to be made. Also despite recent instability, Morocco still had a 14% growth in wealth within the oeriod of 2007-2017.

4. Ethiopia

Africa’s fastest growing economy, set to average 8.2% for the next six years, down from the 10% over the past decade.

5. Kenya

Diverse economy and sustained expansion in consumer demand, urbanisation, EAC integration, structural reforms and infrastructure development.

6. Rwanda

Rapidly growing economy, boasting Africa’s second-best business environment.

7. Tanzania

GDP expected to grow by 6.5% over the next five years. Size of GDP expected to overtake that of Kenya.

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8. Nigeria

Although Nigeria wasn’t featured in last year’s top 10. the country Jumped back in due to improved macroeconomics, supported by recovering oil prices and production and favourable demographics.

9. Ghana

Seventh Richest country in Africa, Diverse economy, structural reforms and infrastructure development, Ghana is also one of the most promising emerging African markets.

10. Côte d’Ivoire

With a wealth growth of 43% within the period of 2007 and 2017, Cote d’Ivoire also performed well in terms of wealth Growth even more than Nigeria..

The top five performers regarding operating environments were Mauritius, Rwanda, Botswana, South Africa and Seychelles.

It’s the 11th consecutive year that Mauritius is ranked as being the easiest business environment in Africa

Sources: 702.co.za || rmb.co.za

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