Top 15 Least Powerful Passports in Africa, 2019

Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan hold the title for most useless passports in Africa, according to the 2019 Henley Passport Index.

Top 15 Least Powerful Passports in Africa, 2019

The list, compiled by Henley & Partners, ranks how powerful a passport is by the number of countries holders can visit without visas.

Based on this, Somalia’s passport has been rated as the least powerful passport in Africa, with visa-free access to only 32 countries. It came in at number 103 on the global ranking.

Second on the list is Eritrea, an East African country. It was ranked 103 globally with visa-free access to 38 countries. The third worst African Passport is Sudan (99), with a visa free access to 39 countries.

Nigeria’s passport was also ranked among the worst in Africa, 91 globally. The country occupies the 10th position in Africa, with a visa free access to only 47 countries.

The country which was ranked 94 globally in 2018, rose by three spots this year.

In this latest ranking, Nigeria now trails behind Ghana (77), Rwanda (84), Guinea (82), Mali (83), Togo (83), Senegal (82), Chad (85), Benin Republic (80), Cameroon (90) and Central African Republic (89).

These are the Top 15 Least Powerful Passports in Africa, 2019

Top 15 Least Powerful Passports in Africa, 2019

15. Central African Republic

Passport Strength – 89
Visa Free Access – 49 countries

14. Egypt

Passport Strength -89
Visa Free Access – 49 countries

13. Cameroon

Passport Strength – 90
Visa Free Access – 48 countries

12. Congo (Rep.)

Passport Strength – 91
Visa Free Access – 47 countries

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11. Liberia

Passport Strength – 91
Visa Free Access – 47 countries

10. Nigeria

Passport Strength – 91
Visa Free Access – 47 countries

9. Burundi

Passport Strength – 92
Visa Free Access – 46 countries

8. Djibouti

Passport Strength – 93
Visa Free Access – 45 countries

7. Congo (Dem. Rep.)

Passport Strength – 95
Visa Free Access – 43 countries

6. Ethiopia

Passport Strength – 96
Visa Free Access – 42 countries

5. Libya

Passport Strength – 97
Visa Free Access – 41 countries

4. South Sudan

Passport Strength – 97
Visa FreeAccess – 41 countries

3. Sudan

Passport Strength – 99
Access – 39 countries

2. Eritrea

Passport Strength – 100
Visa Free Access – 38 countries

1. Somalia

Passport Strength – 103
Visa Free Access – 32 countries


The Henley Passport Index is the original and most authoritative passport index, with historical data spanning 14 years. The index and its contents are based on data provided by the International Air Transport Authority (IATA) and supplemented, enhanced, and updated using extensive in-house research and open-source online data. The index includes 199 different passports and 227 different travel destinations. Updated in real-time throughout the year, as and when visa-policy changes come into effect, the Henley Passport Index is the most robust and reliable index of its kind.

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