Valentina Mintah: For the First Time in 100 Years, A Ghanaian Has Been Elected into the ICC Board

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), has for the first time in its hundred years of existence, elected a Ghanaian, Valentina Mintah, as a member of its Executive Board.

Valentina Mintah: For the First Time in 100 Years, A Ghanaian Has Been Elected Onto the ICC Board
Valentina Mintah

The seven-member executive board was announced at the 2020 meeting of the ICC World Council and Ms Mintah would be on the board with some of the world’s most renowned giants including Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohammad Al-Thani from Qatar, Sebastian Escarrer from Spain, Dario Gallina from Italy, Shinta Kamdani from Indonesia, Takeshi Niinami from Japan and Jane Sun from China.

Ms Mintah commenting on her election said, “It is a great privilege to have been elected to the Executive Board of the ICC, the organisation’s most diverse board to date. Alongside colleagues from ICC and its national committees, including ICC-Ghana.”

“I look forward to drawing on my experience of working with West African and other emerging economies to support the promotion of international trade, responsible business conduct, and a global approach to regulation,” she said.

ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton Ao congratulating Ms Mintah said: “ICC is delighted to welcome Valentina Mintah to its global Executive Board. Throughout her career, Valentina has championed international trade facilitation both in her home region of West Africa and in several transitional economies across the world. With her additional role as Vice-Chair of ICC Ghana, she is uniquely placed to support the strengthening of commercial and trade ties between several key, high growth global markets.”

Valentina Mintah is recognised internationally for her expertise in trade facilitation and process automation joins the ICC Executive Board, responsible for developing and implementing ICC’s strategy, policy and programme of action, and for overseeing the financial affairs of the world business organisation.

Ms Mintah is the founder and former Chief Executive of West Blue Consulting, an award-winning Information and CommunicationTechnology organisation, established in 2012.

She was a Senior Solutions Specialist at Crown Agents in the UK, having previously worked at IBM.

She is also a founding member of the African Performance Institute, an organisation that promotes the advancement of e-commerce and e-government in Africa.

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