15 Superstitious Beliefs Every Nigerian Once Considered to be True

Superstitions are beliefs not based on human reason or scientific knowledge, that future events may be Influenced by one’s behaviour or action in some magical way.

From the definition above i think it is safe to say that at some point every Nigerian has being Susceptible to superstitions. yes, even the Christians.

Below are 15 Superstitious Beliefs Every Nigerian Once Considered to be True

15 Superstitious Beliefs Every Nigerian Once Considered to be True

1. Itchy Palms

Itchy palms are said to be a sign of good luck. It could also mean a huge amount of money is coming your way.

2. Never sleep with your door open

If you must, don’t sleep with your head facing the open door. If you do spirits will invade your body through your head.

3. New tooth

It is believed that if you throw your broken tooth on the roof of a building and the said tooth gets eaten by an agama lizard you will get a sparkly new tooth.

3. Seeing ghosts

The common warning is not to bend over and look between your legs, especially in markets. Apparently if you do so you might see a ghost.

4. Spitting on the floor

If you have a sore throat, it is probably because you spit on the floor and someone – whether knowingly or unknowingly – stepped on it

5. Eating in The Dark

This is forbidden. It is believed that if you eat in the dark, you could be giving room to the dead to eat with you and this could lead to grave ailments or even ones early demise.

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6. Leke Leke (Cattle Egret)

Whenever this bird flies above your compound and you scream leke leke give me white finger you will see a white spot on your fingernail.. I did this when i was a kid But i never saw any white spot. But it still didn’t deter me from doing it.

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7. Eating from the ground

It is believed that when your food falls to ground, you should not pick it as the devil has eaten it. The best thing to do here is to step on the food.

8. Whistling at night

Whistling at night is believed to attract evil spirits and snakes.

9. Sleep in the market

You will see spirits and demons of all kinds and if you are unlucky you will be slapped by an evil spirit.

10. Answering a call

If you hear your name and answer to it without seeing the person that called, you have just answered a ghost’s call.

11. The Power of the Lashes

When you commit a punishable offence in your home or at school, it is believed that once you remove strands of your eyelashes and blow it towards a person maybe a teacher or a parent the said person will forget the crime you committed.

12. Sleeping face up

It is believed that sleeping face up is the best position for spirits to have access to your spirit, body and soul.

13. Sneezing

It is believed that a sneeze means someone is calling your name somewhere. This here can be said to be the most lugubrious superstitious belief ever.

14. Using a mirror in the night

Never do this, as you might see a Spirit inside the mirror

15. Crossing over someone

It is believed that if you allow anyone cross over you when you are on the floor. You will never be taller than that person.

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