14 Weird African Superstitious Beliefs Ever

Superstitions is African, Africa is Superstitious. You can’t separate the two.

Here are 14 weird african superstitious beliefs ever.


1. Bird Shit Equals Riches

In many parts of africa, it is believed that bird poop can get you riches as long as it gets on your car, clothing or head directly from the sky.

2. Black Cats Are Bad Luck


Not just in africa, but also in many parts of the world, it is believed that when someone sees a black cat on the road, fence or infact anywhere while he is walking the person’s luck would change for the worse.

3. Cursed Birds


Even till date, there is this popular belief most especially in west africa that an owl howling directly over your house or within your home in the middle of the night could only bring very bad luck, sometimes even death.

4. Crossing Your Finger For good luck

Crossing one finger to attract good luck is probably the most popular superstitious belief not only in africa but in the whole world; I’m guilty of it, you reading this now is guilty of it, everyone is guilty of it.

5. Itchy Fingers Get You Money

Not sure where this one came from but there is a belief that itchy fingers are a sign that you would soon be getting large sums of money. Unfortunately, you are never told when or where exactly the money would come from!

6. Never Flog Your Child With A Broom

Its believed that when you Flog a child with a broom he or she would grow up to become a sweeper (person who sweeps for a living).


7. Whistling In The Night

Most especially in west africa people don’t whistle at night because it is believed that whistling in the night would attract snakes to you.

8. Women Don’t Eat Snails


In certain parts of Africa, women are not allowed to eat snails. It is believed that doing so brings about barrenness.

9. Sunshine and Raining At The Same Time

This is called a Sunrain when the sun is shining and it is raining at the same time, it is believed that a lion is giving birth.

10. Don’t Look In The Mirror at Night


If you do, you will see an evil spirit and if luck is not on your side it will jinx or possess you.

11. Albino Hair Equals Goodluck

Believing it will bring them good luck and big catches, some fishermen on the shores of Lake Victoria weave albino hair into nets before casting it into the lake.

12. Don’t Let People Jump/Cross Over You if you allow someone to cross over you while you are lying down you will never grow tall.

13. Eye Lash Under Shoe Will Make You Forget

If you put a strand of your eye lash in your parents shoe or blow it towards them when their backs are turned, it will make them to forget the offence you’ve committed.

14. Don’t look in between your legs in a crowded market place. If you do it is believed that you will run mad but that’s after you’ve received a heavy knock from an evil spirit.


Don’t Drink The Water Inside A Coconut if you do, yσu will automatically become a dullard.


Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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