7 Boxers Who Lost Their Life In The Boxing Ring

Boxing, often referred to as the “sweet science,” is a sport that demands strength, skill, and courage from its participants. It is a sport that has captured the attention and admiration of millions of fans around the world. However, it is also a sport that carries inherent risks, and tragically, some boxers have lost their lives in the pursuit of their passion. In this article, we will remember seven boxers who tragically lost their lives in the boxing ring.


1. Angelo Jacopucci (1978):
Angelo Jacopucci was an Italian boxer who tragically lost his life in 1978 during a European middleweight title fight against Alan Minter. During the match, Angelo collapsed and subsequently passed away. His death had a profound impact on the boxing world, leading to the decision to shorten European title fights to 12 rounds.

2. Brad Rone (2003):
In 2003, tragedy struck when Brad Rone competed against Billy Zumburn. At the end of the first round, Rone suffered a series of punches from Zumburn. As Rone walked towards his corner, he collapsed and never regained consciousness.

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3. Benjamin Flores (2009):
Benjamin Flores, a professional Mexican boxer, lost his life in the ring in 2009. During a match against Al Seeger, Flores sustained a massive brain injury that ultimately proved fatal. He was immediately attended to by medical personnel and taken from the ring on a stretcher, but unfortunately, he did not survive the injuries he sustained.

4. Becky Zerlentes (2005):
Becky Zerlentes, a female amateur boxer and martial artist, suffered a tragic fate in 2005. During a bout with Heather Schmitz, Zerlentes was knocked down and fell unconscious in the ring. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, she never regained consciousness. Zerlentes is believed to be the first female boxer to have lost her life in the ring.

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5. Frankey Campbell (1930):
Frankie Campbell, also known as Francisco Camilli, was a professional boxer with an impressive record. However, his last fight, which took place in 1930 against Max Baer, ended in tragedy. Campbell knocked Baer down in the second round, but Baer retaliated with such force that it caused fatal injuries to Campbell’s brain. Baer was later acquitted of manslaughter charges, and he expressed remorse by giving Campbell’s family his earnings from future bouts.

6. Davey Moore (1963):
Davey Moore was an experienced boxer with a remarkable record of 59-7-1, including 30 knockouts. However, his life was cut short during a 1963 bout against “Sugar Ramos.” Moore suffered severe damage to his neck and brain stem after being knocked down. This tragic incident inspired Bob Dylan to write the song “Who Killed Davey Moore?” in reflection of the dangers of the sport.

7. Mick Pinkney (1972):
Mick Pinkney, a boxer from Leeds, England, tragically lost his life during a bout in 1972. In the fifth round of the fight, Pinkney was knocked out by Jim Moore, and he subsequently choked on his own blood. The exact source of the blood was unknown according to the inquest report.

While these fighters lost their lives pursuing their passion, their memory lives on, and their stories serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made in the name of the sport they loved.



Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.


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