African Countries With The Highest Fertility Rates (2024)

In the vast tapestry of Africa’s demographics, fertility rates play a pivotal role in shaping population dynamics, socio-economic development, and public health outcomes. With each country presenting its unique set of challenges and opportunities, understanding fertility rates provides invaluable insights into the continent’s future trajectory. As of 2024, certain African nations stand out for their exceptionally high fertility rates, reflecting complex socio-cultural norms, economic conditions, and healthcare systems. This article explores the top 20 African countries with the highest fertility rates, shedding light on the factors driving population growth in these regions.

African Countries With The Highest Fertility Rates
Niger has The Highest Fertility Rates In the world

The vast majority of the countries in the world with the highest fertility rates are in Africa, with Niger topping the list of Countries with the highest fertility rates in the world at 6.7 children per woman, followed by Chad at 6.1 children per woman. The Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and Central Africa Rep follow at 6.1, 6.1 and 5.8 children per woman, respectively. MAURITIUS has the lowest fertility rate on the continent at 1.4 children per woman.

The fertility rate is the average number of children a woman gives birth to in her Childbearing years, with Nigeria having a fertility rate of approximately 5 children per woman. Nigeria is growing at a fast pace and her population growth is amongst the top 25 highest in the world.

Research has shown that lack of access to birth control and contraception in the third world countries also contributes to higher fertility rate. Other major factors are lack of awareness, preventive measures or poor living conditions.

Top 20 African Countries With The Highest Fertility Rates In 2024

African Countries With The Highest Fertility Rates

1. Niger

Topping the list is Niger, where the fertility rate remains notably high at 6.7 births per woman, contributing to rapid population growth. Despite efforts to promote family planning and improve maternal healthcare, socio-cultural factors, including early marriage and large family norms, continue to influence reproductive behaviors.

2. Chad

Chad follows closely, with a fertility rate of 6.1 births per woman, underscoring the challenges of ensuring access to reproductive health services and education, particularly in rural areas.

3. DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) grapples with a high fertility rate of 6.1 births per woman, reflecting widespread poverty, limited access to education, and healthcare infrastructure challenges.

african countries with highest fertilty rate

4. Somalia

In Somalia, socio-economic instability and conflict contribute to high fertility rates, hindering efforts to improve maternal and child health outcomes. The fertility rate is 6.1 births per woman. Access to family planning services and education remains limited, perpetuating intergenerational cycles of poverty.

5. Central African Republic

The Central African Republic faces similar challenges, with high fertility rates exacerbating existing socio-economic disparities and straining healthcare infrastructure. The fertility rate is 5.8 births per woman.

6. Mali

Mali’s high fertility rate of 5.8 births per woman reflects entrenched socio-cultural norms, limited access to family planning services, and disparities in educational attainment.

7. Angola

Angola grapples with high fertility rates, driven by socio-economic factors and limited access to reproductive healthcare services. The fertility rate is 5.1 births per woman.

8. Nigeria

As Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria’s high fertility rate presents significant challenges and opportunities for development. The fertility rate is 5.1 births per woman.

9. Burundi

Burundi faces challenges associated with high fertility rates, including limited access to reproductive healthcare services and socio-economic instability. The fertility rate is 4.9 births per woman. .

10. Benin

Benin’s high fertility rate of 4.8 births per woman underscores the need for comprehensive reproductive healthcare services and education. The country faces challenges in addressing socio-cultural barriers and promoting gender equality, crucial steps toward empowering women and reducing fertility rates.

Rank Country Total Fertility rate (births/woman)
1 Niger 6.7
2 Chad 6.1
3 DR Congo 6.1
4 Somalia 6.1
5 Central African Republic 5.8
6 Mali 5.8
7 Angola 5.1
8 Nigeria 5.1
9 Burundi 4.9
10 Benin 4.8
11 Burkina Faso 4.6
12 Tanzania 4.6
13 Gambia 4.5
14 Mozambique 4.5
15 Uganda 4.4
16 Cameroon 4.3
17 Ivory Coast 4.3
18 Mauritania 4.3
19 Senegal 4.3
20 South Sudan 4.3
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