These are the most Widespread Misconceptions About Africa

Here’s to telling at least a small part of the world about the real Africa. Western Media has been a real disaster when it comes to Africa all they do is s, as they only show the arid deserts, people starving and animals everywhere. If you have ever been deceived by these misconceptions, blame the media.

These are the most Widespread Misconceptions About Africa

1. Africa is a Country

No, Africa is not a country, it is a continent. The second largest continent in the world , and second most populated, continent besides Asia. Africa has about 1 billion people and more than 54 different countries within it. So to end this misconception Africa is definitely not a country!

2. Africa is a Desert

This is all thanks to western negative media, While there are a few deserts in Africa, large parts of Africa, are tropical rainforests. Furthermore, large areas in Africa have savannah plains, which are similar to prairies. So Africa is definitely not just a desert.

3. Africans Live in Huts

Many people believe that all African people live in mud huts – again thanks to Western media – . This is complete utter nonsense. Just like in western countries, there are buildings and towns and cities in every country in Africa. Go ahead and google the capital of any African country if you doubt me..

***That is also not to say that no one in Africa live in huts, there are a lot of tribes that still choose to live in their traditional villages in huts,**

4. Animals Showroom

No we don’t have pet lions, no antelopes don’t walk on the street. Some Africans haven’t even seen a wild animal before – i know I haven’t – and that’s because wild animals are kept out of towns and cities. So no, there are no wild animals walking down the street.

5. Technological Void

This one I always find very funny. In this day and age some people still think Africa is devoid of any sort of technology whatsoever. People that I have conversations with online are often shocked that I come from Africa and that I have a phone and internet. In one hilarious exchange a western dude once asked me if we had aeroplanes, cars and house in Africa. I told him that we used our foot and witchcraft to move around and that we lived on trees. He believed me.
So now in the bid of making things clear let me just say this: Africa has almost everything the rest of the world has, we just get it a couple of months later than everyone else.

6. Africa has one Language

This is one of the most ridiculous ones I have ever heard. I think Africa is the most diverse continent in the world as there are hundreds of different languages spoken across it. Even just in my country, Nigeria, there are more than 100 national languages including Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, etc Every country in Africa has at least five lesser languages as well as the common language.

7. All Africans are Black

For all those who believe that all African people are black, are all American people white? There are many white people in many countries in Africa; North African countries like Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia are made up of predominantly white Africans. While sub Saharan African Countries are made up of mostly black.

Hopefully, one day these Widespread Misconceptions About Africa would stop.

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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