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The Legend of Kintu: The Father of all People

A mythical legend, Kintu, exists among the Baganda (a Bantu group and the largest ethnicity in Uganda). Kintu, the first man on earth, lived with a cow he depended on for milk. Gulu, the creator of all things, lived in...

Chief Bhambatha: The Zulu Chief Who Led a Rebellion Against British Rule and Taxation in 1906

Mbata Bhambatha was the head of the Zulu Zondi tribe that lived in the Mpanza Valley and led a rebellion against British control and taxation in the South African colony of Natal in 1906.

The Cincinnati Riot of 1829 and the Expulsion of African Americans by White Mobs

The 1829 Cincinnati riots, a notable and regrettable incident in American history, led to the devastation of numerous homes and businesses owned by Black individuals, prompting the mass exodus of over a thousand African Americans.

José Antonio Aponte: The African slave who Masterminded Cuba’s Most Ambitious Slave Rebellion in 1812

In 1812, José Antonio Aponte, an African slave in Cuba, played a crucial role in organizing one of the island’s most significant slave rebellions.

Yekatit 12: How Italy Carried Out the Worst Massacre in Ethiopian History in 1937

Yekatit 12 marks one of the most heinous atrocities perpetrated by Italian occupation forces during the 1930s. This tragic incident unfolded in the aftermath of an attempted assassination of Marshal Rodolfo Graziani, the Viceroy of Italian East Africa, also known as the 'Butcher of Ethiopia.' The Yekatit 12 massacre is often described as the worst in Ethiopian history.

Madison Washington: The Man Who Led the Most Successful Slave Revolt in United States History

Madison Washington was an enslaved African who led the Creole slave revolt in November 1841, during which 18 black slaves commandeered the slave ship, the Creole. This uprising ultimately secured freedom for 128 enslaved individuals.

Sir Harry Rawson: The British Officer Behind the 1897 Benin Expedition and the Plundering of Priceless Benin Bronzes

Admiral Sir Harry Rawson was a renowned British naval officer who became famous for leading the 1897 Benin Expedition, which ended in the capture and sacking of Benin City, the eventual fall of the Benin Kingdom, and its incorporation into colonial Nigeria.

The Pearl Incident: The Largest Nonviolent Escape Attempt by Enslaved Africans in U.S. History

The Pearl Incident which took place in 1848, marked the largest recorded nonviolent escape attempt by enslaved Africans in U.S. history.

Canterbury Female Boarding School: How the First School for African American Students Was Destroyed by a White Mob in 1834

Canterbury Female Boarding School: How the First School for African American Students Was Destroyed by a White Mob in 1834.

Sekuru Kaguvi: The African Leader Who Was Hanged for Leading a Rebellion Against the British in 1897

Sekuru Kaguvi was a prominent leader in the late 19th century in what is now Zimbabwe who was hanged for rebelling against the British during the First Chimurenga war in 1897.

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John Brown was a prominent leader in the American abolitionist movement during the decades leading up to the Civil...
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