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Uganda’s Doomsday Church Tragedy: The Kanungu Cult Massacre That Claimed the Lives of Over 700 Followers

The Kanungu cult massacre, also known as the Uganda cult massacre, remains one of the most devastating incidents of mass violence and religious extremism in modern history. This tragedy claimed the lives of over 700 followers of a religious cult known as the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God.

Doctor Caesar: The Enslaved African Who Was Freed in Exchange for Revealing His Poison Antidote in South Carolina in 1750

Caesar was an enslaved African man who made a name for himself as a gifted healer in colonial South Carolina during the mid-18th century. His expertise proved to be particularly valuable when he discovered an antidote for poisons and...

The Tragic Story of George and Willie Muse, the Black Brothers Who Were Kidnapped and Forced to Perform in Circuses

George and Willie Muse were two brothers born in rural Virginia in the late 19th century. They were members of the African American community, and their family worked as sharecroppers. However, their lives took a drastic turn when they were kidnapped and forced to become part of a circus sideshow.

Sebastián Lemba: The Runaway Slave Who Led a 15-Year Rebellion Against Spanish Colonial Rule in 16th Century Dominican Republic

Sebastián Lemba was a brave and fearless leader who led a rebellion against Spanish colonial rule on the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic) during the 1540s.

The Forgotten Legacy of Anton Wilhelm Amo: The Enslaved Ghanaian Who Was Gifted to a German Prince in 1707

Anton Wilhelm Amo, was a man of Ghanaian descent who was enslaved and later given as a gift to a German prince in 1707. Despite being a slave, Anton Wilhelm Amo rose to prominence as a philosopher and made important contributions to the field.

The Little-Known Story of Millie and Christine McKoy: Conjoined Twins Born into Slavery Who Rose to Fame as Entertainers

Twin sisters Millie and Christine McKoy were conjoined twins born into slavery, who later became one of the most notable “human oddities” attractions in the world. Billed as the “Two-Headed Girl” and also the “Two-Headed Nightingale,” the sisters delighted...

The Easter Plot of 1802: The Foiled Slave Rebellion That Shook Virginia

The Sanchos rebellion, also known as the Easter Plot of 1802, was a significant event in the history of Virginia. It was a planned slave rebellion that was foiled before it could be executed, and it had a profound impact on the politics and society of the state.

Sharpeville Massacre: The Tragic Event that Fueled the Fight Against Apartheid in South Africa

The Sharpeville massacre was a turning point in the history of South Africa, marking a major shift in the struggle against apartheid. On March 21, 1960, thousands of black South Africans gathered outside the Sharpeville police station to protest against the apartheid pass laws.

The Untold Story of Angelo Soliman, the Enslaved African Who Was Gifted to the Imperial Governor of Sicily in 1734

Angelo Soliman was an enslaved African man who was captured from a region in present-day Nigeria and gifted to the Imperial Governor of Sicily in 1734.

John Kimber: The Slaver Who Tortured an Enslaved Teenage Girl to Death for Refusing to Dance

John Kimber was a British captain in the late 18th century who gained notoriety for his brutal treatment of enslaved individuals. In particular, he was responsible for the torture and eventual death of an enslaved teenage girl.

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Black Laws of 1804: The Statutes that Governed the Lives of African Americans in Ohio in the 19th Century

The Ohio Black Laws of 1804 were some of the earliest legal codes that explicitly discriminated against African Americans. These laws, enacted by the state legislature imposed numerous restrictions on the rights and freedoms of African Americans living in the state.
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