Victoria-Ajagunlabi Odunayo

The Pointe Coupée Slave Conspiracy and its Brutal Suppression in 1795

When we feed our bodies unhealthy meals daily, thereby overburdening our cells, they rebel by making us sick. Similarly, when slaves were overburdened and subjected to harsh conditions, some rose up in rebellion. However, slaveholders rarely addressed the underlying...

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Victoria-Ajagunlabi Odunayo is a Nigerian law graduate from Ekiti State University with a passion for research and lifelong learning. An avid writer, she finds joy in documenting her daily experiences and crafting articles that delve into various subjects.
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John Brown: The Abolitionist Executed for Inciting a Slave Rebellion in West Virginia in 1859

John Brown was a prominent leader in the American abolitionist movement during the decades leading up to the Civil...
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