Brand Africa 100: MTN, Dangote Ranked Most Admired Brands in Africa, 2020

Nigeria’s giant mobile operator, Glo, and South Africa’s MTN has retained their ranking as Africa’s most admired brands.

Brand Africa 100: Top 10 Most Admired Brands in Africa, 2020

This year’s list of Africa’s most admired brands is dominated by South African and Nigerian companies with MTN and DANGOTE occupying the first and second spot respectively.

The rankings – Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands – were announced in a novel global virtual event that incorporated the market openings of Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria. Established 10 years ago to coincide with the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted for the first time on the continent by South Africa, the survey ranks the Top 100 most admired brands in Africa.

Most Admired Brands in Africa, 2020

This year’s edition shows that African companies only occupied 13 spots of the 100 entries in the 2020 survey, 7 less than last year.

American sports and fitness giant, Nike takes the top spot for the third year in a row. MTN and Dangote are the most admired African brands recalled spontaneously and when prompted, respectively.

Brand Africa 100: Top 10 Most Admired Brands in Africa, 2020

In the sub-survey focused on financial services, GTBank re-claimed the #1 spot after falling out of the top 5 in 2019. This year’s rankings included a strong presence of payment service brands PayPal, Western Union and Visa, as digitisation and digital-led economies are expected to accelerate more acutely because of the pandemic.

The United Kingdom’s BBC retains its media category ranking as the most admired media brand in separate category sub-surveys of the most admired financial services and media brands in Africa. African brands only occupy 13 of the 100 entries, 7 less from last year.

Brand Africa 100


The consumer-led survey was conducted among a representative sample of respondents aged 18 years and above in 27 countries, representing 50 percent of the continent, covering all economic regions and accounting for an estimated 80 percent of the population and gross domestic product of Africa. South Africa (5), Nigeria (6), Kenya (1) and Ethiopia (1) are leading countries of origin for African brands.

The 2020 survey, carried out between February and April 2020, yielded over 15,000 brand mentions and over 2,000 unique brands. The rankings will be published in the June issue of African Business magazine.

Mr Madu
Mr Madu
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