White Wedding: 7 Things You Might Want To Know

Worldwide, the color white has been associated with weddings. But do you know why? Here are 7 things you might want to know about white weddings. 1. The white wedding is a traditional formal or semi-formal wedding originating in Britain. 2. The term...

​The 7 Most Disturbing and gruesome Human Experiments in History

Some of the human experiment below are so disturbing and gruesome that even i couldn't bring myself not to tear up.  Here are the 7 most disturbing and gruesome human experiments in history. 1. Testicular implants Dr. Leo Stanley, was the...

10 Enlightening Facts About Africa That Seem Overstated But Aren’t

Africa is a beautiful continent with lots of history, most of them are well known and some aren't. Here are 10 enlightening facts about Africa that seem overstated but aren’t 1. The Human Race Is Of African Origin. The oldest known...

7 Gross And Surprising Hygiene Practices From History

Here are 7 gross and surprising hygiene practices from history. 1. Childbirth Potions advocated for childbirth in the middle ages included rubbing the flanks of the expectant mother with rose oil, giving her vinegar and sugar to drink, or applying poultices...

7 Notable Mercenaries That Fought Alongside Biafran Soldiers During The Civil War

During the Biafran war, there was no official support for the Biafran Army by any nation throughout the war. So to improve their chances of winning the war, foreign mercenaries were employed by Biafra to help fight for the...
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Nzulezo – the Ghanaian Village on Stilts

The magnificent Ghanaian village of Nzulezu overlooks Lake Tadane, and is entirely made up of stilts and platforms.
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