South Africa Ranked Most Dangerous Place to Live In Africa, Second in the World

According to InterNations, which recently published the 2018 Expat Insider Survey, one of the world’s most comprehensive reports on what it’s like to live abroad.
For the 2018 survey, 18,135 expats living in 187 territories and countries — from Germany to Greenland — responded. The results provide insight into what it’s like to live and work in 68 places, focusing on topics such as quality of life, working abroad, cost of living and more.

South Africa Ranked Most Dangerous Place In Africa, Second in the World

One of the most compelling areas of focus is the Safety & Security subcategory, which is part of the Quality of Life Index. This consists of three factors — peacefulness, personal safety and political stability — which the respondents rated on a scale of one to seven. The results were then bundled to create a global ranking of the most dangerous places for expats to live. InterNations also broke out the results to create a female global ranking, which was based on the replies from 8,855 women respondents.

According to the report, the second most dangerous country to live in the world is South Africa, South Africa is also the most dangerous place to live in Africa, The region also performed the worst on both the global ranking and the female global ranking. A staggering 55% of expats report feeling unsafe. “The safety of citizens is questionable,” says a respondent from Zimbabwe, while a female respondent from the UK living in South Africa states: “The crime is rampant due to economic situation. Therefore, one has to take greater care of personal security.”
The poor political climate in South Africa contributes to these concerns over safety: 48% view the current political situation negatively.

Recently, global peace also ranked South Africa among the most violent and dangerous place in African and the world.

Two African countries also made the list of most dangerous places in the world. and they are Kenya and Egypt.

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15 Most Dangerous Places to Live in the World

1. Brazil (ranked 68th overall). “I don’t feel safe and the economy is suffering a bad period,” says an Italian expat. “I would like to feel safer.”

2. South Africa (67 overall). “Crime is rampant due to the economic situation, so one has to take greater care over personal security,” says a British expat. “There is a political instability and it has an impact on all aspects of life,” says another British expat.

3. Kenya (66 overall). “You can’t just go outside and go for a walk wherever or whenever you want,” says a British expat. “You have to be more cautious.”

4. Peru (65 overall). Malte Zeeck says, “Almost one-third of expats in Peru (32%) rate their personal safety negatively, whereas globally just nine percent rate it negatively.”

5. Turkey (64 overall). An Azerbaijani expat says, “It is not safe to go out at dark time and difficult to come back home after midnight, so that I usually have to be back by 10 p.m. at the latest.”

6. Argentina (63 overall) . A Brazilian expat points out the “huge inflation and huge corruption. This country is getting worse every day. Every day more expensive. Every day more insecure.”

7. India (62 overall) . A Zambian expat says, “In India females in general are not really safe. In some parts of India, it is not even safe for ladies to walk or be alone.”

8. Egypt (61 overall) . Malte Zeeck says, “Safety and politics play a significant role in the country’s ranking. In fact, only 64 percent of the expat feel safe in Egypt, which is 18 percent less than the global average (82%).”

9. Dominican Republic (60 overall) . A U.S. expat says, “There is a lack of security and the need for private security at all times.”

10. Colombia (59 overall) . A Georgian expat says, “There is insecurity. No personal safety. Robberies are very common and I have to watch out for my stuff all the time. Also, I am restricted to walking outside to certain hours. You need to know the neighborhoods very well.”

11. Philippines (58 overall) . A U.S. expat says, “The lack of security and the unstable politics worry me.”

12. Mexico (57 overall) . A German expat says, “There are real issues of insecurity due to conflicts and government problems.” A U.S. expat says, “I don’t feel completely safe. I also feel as though I stand out as a foreigner.”

13. USA (56 overall) . A German expat says, “There is a higher degree of gun violence and violence in general than in my home country.” Another German expat says, “The undercurrent of violence and the current administration are my main concerns.” A British expat says, “I do not like the current political climate, the lack of gun control and the prevalence of school shootings.”

14. Myanmar (55 overall) . An Australian expat says, “There are many issues that go unresolved. The government is still very much corrupt, disregarding the overall population’s safety and well-being.”

15. Indonesia (54 overall) . A Swedish expat says, “I don’t like the political development in the country.”

Source: Forbes

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.


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