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Harry Washington: The Slave Who Escaped George Washington’s Plantation, Fought for the British, and Eventually Settled in Africa

Harry Washington was an African who was enslaved by none other than George Washington, the future first President of the United States. However, Harry’s story transcends the chains of slavery, as he not only fought for his own liberation...

Zephaniah Kingsley: The British Slave Trader Who Married a 13-Year-Old Enslaved African Girl

Zephaniah Kingsley Jr was a slave trader and planter who was well known for his advocacy for a more lenient and humane treatment of the enslaved and his unconventional relationship with an enslaved girl named Anna Madgigine. Born in Bristol,...

Akwamu Rebellion of 1733: The Earliest and Longest Slave Rebellions in the Americas

The 1733 Akwamu slave insurrection on St. John, which lasted from November 1733 until August 1734, was one of the earliest and longest slave rebellions in the Americas. The insurrection started on 23 November 1733, when 150 Akwamu slaves...

The Seasoning: How Newly Arrived Enslaved Africans Were Brutally Conditioned in the Americas

The seasoning is a brutal process employed by White slave masters to adapt their newly acquired African slaves to a life of servitude.

Madison Washington: The Man Who Led the Most Successful Slave Revolt in United States History

Madison Washington was an enslaved African who led the Creole slave revolt in November 1841, during which 18 black slaves commandeered the slave ship, the Creole. This uprising ultimately secured freedom for 128 enslaved individuals.

The Pearl Incident: The Largest Nonviolent Escape Attempt by Enslaved Africans in U.S. History

The Pearl Incident which took place in 1848, marked the largest recorded nonviolent escape attempt by enslaved Africans in U.S. history.

Quobna Cugoano: The Remarkable Journey of a Ghanaian Slave who Became an Abolitionist in 18th Century Britain

Ottobah Quobna Cugoano was a Ghanaian abducted as a child and trafficked to Britain who rose above the horrors of slavery to become a famous abolitionist, working for the freedom and dignity of his fellow oppressed people.

Joseph Cinque: The Captured African Who Led the Amistad Slave Revolt of 1839

The La Amistad revolt occurred aboard the Spanish slave ship "La Amistad," when a group of enslaved Africans led by Joseph Cinque fought for their freedom.

How Christian Slave Owners Used the Bible Story of Ham to Justify Their Enslavement of Africans

Slaveholders claimed that the black race descended from Ham, and like Canaan, to come from Ham is to be a slave. Some slaveholders removed Canaan entirely from the story and bestowed the curse on Ham whom they claimed was the progenitor of the black race.

Badu Bonsu II: The Ghanaian King Who Was Beheaded for Rebelling Against the Dutch in 1838

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Arthur St. Clair: The Black Minister Lynched for Presiding Over a Mixed-Race Marriage in 1877

Arthur W. St. Clair was an African-American leader whose life was tragically cut short in 1877. His crime? Presiding...