Top 10 Richest Presidents In US History

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Unlike Africa, in the western world the richest presidents rarely got rich off of politics.

Of course, everyone knows the president is paid a stipend even after they leave the White House, but that still wouldn’t make them very rich.

Curious to see who ranks at the Top 10 Richest Presidents In US History?

In today’s dollars, Here are the Richest Presidents In US History.

10. Herbert Hoover – $75 Million

Herbert Hoover gained all of his wealth through the mining industry. He was a mining company executive and had several holdings in other mining companies. During his presidency, he gave away his Presidential salary to charity. His total net worth was $75 million.

9. Bill Clinton – $80 Million

Bill Clinton’s wealth primarily comes from book sales, speaking engagements, and consulting fees. He’s paid between $150,000 to $700,000 per speech. His overall net worth is $80 million.

8. Lyndon Baines Johnson – $98 Million

Lyndon Baines Johnson didn’t inherit his wealth as his father lost most of his when LBJ was just a boy. However, over time Johnson was able to buy 1,500 acres of land and a radio and television station. He also had holdings in livestock and private aircrafts. He had a net worth of $98 million.

7. James Madison – $101 Million

Being the largest landowner in Orange County, Virginia, with over 5,000 acres, it’s safe to say James Madison was extremely wealthy. He also made significant wealth in his political life as secretary of state and president. While he lost some of his wealth at the end of his life, he still had a net worth of $101 million.

6. Andrew Jackson – $119 million

Many during his time considered Andrew Jackson to be deeply connected with the everyman, but he still amassed a great deal of wealth in his lifetime. He made his money through the military, marrying into wealth, and buying large sums of land. His total net worth was $119 million.

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5. Theodore Roosevelt – $125 Million

Being part of a wealthy family, most of Theodore Roosevelt’s wealth came from his inheritance. While he had a net worth of $125 million, he wasn’t very good with money and lost a lot of it on a bad investment in the Dakotas.

4. Thomas Jefferson – $212 Million

The writer of the Declaration of Independence and third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson made most of his money through an inheritance from his father. He gained the Monticello Estate which had 3,000 acres and several dozen slaves. By the end of his life, he was drowning in debt. All things considered, his net worth still came out to $212 million.

3. George Washington – $525 Million

George Washington, of course, was the United States’ first president, and for a long time, he remained the wealthiest president. He earned one of the largest salaries in U.S. history as well as owned 50,000 acres of land. It all culminated into a whopping $525 million net worth.

2. John F. Kennedy – $1 Billion

John F. Kennedy’s net worth is a tricky subject as much of it depends on what he would have received from his father’s inheritance if he hadn’t died. He also married into money with Jacqueline. Taking into account his inheritance, it’s estimated JFK had a net worth of $1 billion.

1. Donald Trump – $3.1 Billion

Richest President in US History

Donald Trump is hands down the wealthiest United States president in history and will likely keep that spot for some time. Before becoming president, he inherited a great deal from his father and invested much of it in real estate and resorts. His total net worth is $3.1 billion.

Sourced from List25.com

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