Top 10 Safest Countries in Africa 2018 – Global Peace Index

The 2018 Global Peace Index has placed Mauritius as the safest country in Africa followed by Botswana.Top 10 Safest Countries in Africa 2018 - Global Peace Index

The report which was released towards the middle of this year is the twelfth edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI), the report ranks163 independent states and territories according to their level of peacefulness.

Produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), the GPI is the world’s leading measure of global peacefulness. This report presents the most comprehensive data-driven analysis to-date on trends in peace, its economic value, and how to develop peaceful societies.

In this years ranking of safest cointries in Africa, Mauritius was ranked the most peaceful country in Africa with a total score of 1.548, following closely at the number 2 position is Botswana with a total score of 1.659.

Countries that make up the top 5 most safest countries in Africa include, Sierraleone, Maragascar, Ghana.

Senegal recorded the fifth largest improvement in peacefulness on the 2018 GPI, and is one of four sub-Saharan African countries to be included amongst the most significant improvers in peacefulness. Its score change of -0.08 was enough to move it nine places in the rankings, from 62 to 53 in the world and 10 in Africa.

According to the report produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, IEP, global level of peace has deteriorated by 0.27 percent in the last year, marking the fourth successive year of deterioration.
It also said the world is “less peaceful today than at any time in the last decade.”

That said, below are the top 10 safest countries in Africa 2018

Rank Country Score
1 Mauritius 1.548
2 Botswana 1.659
3 Sirra Leone 1.748
4 Madagascar 1.766
5 Ghana 1.772
6 Namibia 1.806
7 Malawi 1.811
8 Zambia 1.822
9 Tanzania 1.837
10 Senegal 1.849

The report covers 99.7 percent of the world’s population and uses 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators from “highly respected sources” to compile the index. These indicators are grouped into three key domains: ‘ongoing conflict’, ‘safety and security’, and ‘militarisation.’

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.


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