Top 20 Least Prosperous Countries in Africa, 2018

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The Legatum Prosperity Index is an annual ranking developed by the Legatum Institute , a division of the United Arab Emirates- based private investment firm, Legatum.

Top 20 Least Prosperous Countries in Africa, 2018

According to this year’s annual prosperity index, which was published on LPI’s official website, Central African Rep. is the least Prosperous country in Africa.

In the overall Prosperity Index rankings, Central African Republic has climbed by 1 position from 149 to 148 when compared to last year. Since the Prosperity Index began in 2006, Central African Republic has moved down the rankings table by 5 places.

Chad was ranked the second least Prosperous Country in Africa, According to the index Chad performs best on Natural Environment and Economic Quality and scores lowest on the Health pillar. The biggest positive change, compared to last year, came in Personal Freedom increasing by 2 places, whereas they dropped 2 places on Governance.

Africa’s giant, Nigeria also made it into the list of least prosperous countries in Africa, the country was ranked 17th in the index. And Like other countries on the list, Nigeria was rated based on its rankings in Economic Quality (139th ), Business Environment (66th ), Governance (107th ), Education (123rd), Health (143rd), Safety and Security (145th ), Personal Freedom (111th ), Social Capital (48th ), and Natural Environment (104th ).

Other African countries in the top 5 are, Sudan, DR Congo, Mauritania, Angola , Burundi, Niger, Congo, Ethiopia.

Top 20 Most Prosperous Countries in Africa, 2018
Image: Legatum Prosperity Index

Top 20 Least Prosperous Countries in Africa, 2018

20. Madagascar
19. Uganda
18. Ivory Coast
17. Nigeria
16. Swaziland
15. Cameroon
14. Gabon
13. Libya
12. Guinea
11. Mali
10 Ethiopia
9. Congo
8. Niger
7. Burundi
6. Angola
5. Mauritania
4. Democratic Rep of Congo..
3. Sudan
2. Chad
1. Central African Republic

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The Legatum Prosperity Index is a framework that assesses countries on the promotion of their citizens’ flourishing, reflecting both wealth and wellbeing.

The index captures the richness of a truly prosperous life, moving beyond traditional macro-economic measurements of a nation’s prosperity, which rely solely on indicators of wealth such as average income per person (GDP per capita).

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