Top 7 Most Popular Online News Sources In Nigeria

According to alexa (company that provides commercial web traffic data and analytics), these are the Top 7 most popular online news sources in Nigeria.

1. Naij

most visited news website in Nigeria

Naij.com is a News and entertainment portal that features aggregated news content. And it’s available in English, Hausa.

The website also promote local events, music and weather, etc

Naij is the 4th most visited website in Nigeria and has a <b>Daily Unique Visitors of about 1,008,156, Daily Pageviews of 4,674,670 and monthly Pageviews 164,891,098.</b>

2. Vanguard Online

most visited news website in Nigeria

This is the Online extension of the Vanguard daily newspaper, one the few news source in Nigeria free from governmental influence. 

The website is Ranked the 7th most visited website in Nigeria.

3. Nairaland

most visited news website in Nigeria

Nairaland.com is a big, broad discussion for dozens of topics in technology, careers, business, entertainment, politicseet, romance, webmasters etc, it is an online forum for Nigerians and also my personal favourite.

According to alexa, it is the 8th most visited site in Nigeria.

4. Punchng online

Top online news sources in Nigeria
Also another very popular website in Nigeria, Punchng is the online extension of the punch newspaper, the site provides trustworthy news on the happenings in Nigeria with categories ranging from opinions, politics, education, sports etc.
It is also the 15th most visited site in Nigeria according to alexa.

5. Lindaikeji

most visited news website in Nigeria
Nigeria’s go-to place for celebrity gossips. The blog also deals with news, entertainment, events, fashion beauty and lifestyle Just like every other site on this list.

6. Thenationonlineng

most visited news website in Nigeria
The Nationonlineng is the online platform of the very popular newspaper covering varied issues including politics, business, sports, education and health. Cont informed commentaries, campuslife, Arts, fashion etc.

With a Monthly Unique Visitors of 1,577,755 and Monthly Pageviews of 8,890,697.</b> the site is ranked 34th most visited site in Nigeria

7. Dailypost ng

most visited news website in Nigeria
The online platform of the Daily Post newspaper, just like every other site on this list, the Dailypost brings you news in Politics, Entertainment etc.

It is currently ranked 40 in Nigeria.

Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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