5 Dreadful Visions of Hell That Will Make You Change Your Life

Is hell real? That is one question every believer (even non-believers) would like answered, but like every other mysteries in life, it will never reveal itself until you get eaten by the cold jaws of death. Then and only then will you find out the truth.

Anyways while you ponder on whether or not hell is real, feast on this; 5 Dreadful Visions Of Hell that will make you want to Change the way you live your life.

1. The Vision Of Wetti

Recorded in the ninth century, the Vision of Wetti follows a Benedictine monk, scholar and educator at the monastery at Reichenau in modern-day German on his journey into Hell and back.

In his vision, Hell has the usual references to darkness and flames and worms and eternal suffering, but the one thing that stands out most about this terrible place is how absolutely obsessed it is with sexuality.

Among the punishments he witnessed , Wetti sees people’s (homo sexuals, sexually promiscuos people) genitals being burned with fire, naked women being flogged, and adulterers tied naked together.

Visions Of Hell

2. The Vision Of Tundale

The Vision Tundale is a 12th-century religious text reporting the vision of hell by an Irish knight.

The vision tells of the knight falling unconscious for three days, during which time an angel guides his soul through Hell, where he experienced some of the torments of the damned.

The angel then charges him to well remember what he has seen and to report it to his fellow men. On recovering possession of his body, Tnugdalus converts to a Godly man after his experience.

In his vision of Hell, people are cooked down to soup in gigantic frying pans, demons with red-hot pitchforks push people off mountains, and surgery-minded devils chop people up into little bits, then magically put them back together to be chopped up again.

He also told of a beast known as acheron, a gigantic beast capable of swallowing 9,000 men at a time. Once inside, people who’ve been eaten are then eaten again, this time by thousands of frightened dogs, snakes, rats, etc. all while being burned and suffocated with sulfur.

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3. The Apocalypse of Paul

Visions Of Hell Image source: siberiantimes.com

In this vision, experienced by Paul the Apostle, Hell is divided into two rivers, one of fire and one of ice, and the damned souls are also divided between the two.

Those in the river of fire; Their intestines were pierced by iron hooks, stones smashed in their faces, and their lips cut off with red-hot razors. and some of them are also eaten from the inside out by demonic worms.

Meanwhile, those in the ice river; Saw their hands and feet cut off and feasted on by Animals.

In his vision also, Gay people are dropped in a dark pit to suffer for all eternity, while women who lost their virginity before marriage are chained up in red-hot irons and carted off by abusive angels.

4. St. Faustina’s Visions

Visions Of Hell

This vision was experienced by st. Mary faustina, a 20th century nun who is now recognized by the catholic church as a saint.

According to her account, Hell is a gigantic chamber filled with smoke and a suffocating indescribable stench in eternal darkness. Demons tiptoe from pit to pit, unleashing special tortures custom-made for each new soul, while God Himself burns sinners with His own agonizing fire.

The majority of souls in this Hell are specifically named as unbelievers, while those who believed but sinned get to wind up in purgatory instead.

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5. The Revelation Of Sister Josefa Menendez

Horrible Visions Of Hell Image source: jesus-is-saviour.com

The Revelation Of Sister Josefa Menendez was written by a Spanish nun in the early 20th century, Sister Josefa Menendez. After having lived only four years in a convent before dying at the age of 33….. While there, she felt compelled by God to write down a description of Hell.

According to Sister Menendez, hell is filled with long, dark corridors, eternally burning fires, and any soul condemned to Hell loses the power to feel love, happiness, or anything other than cruelty and misery. In one passage, she wrote about a soul that cried out how it would give anything to be able to love again, to witness even one small act of kindness in the whole of Hell.

Her most haunting passage described a 15 year old girl she saw fall into hell.

“I saw several souls fall into Hell, and among them was a child of fifteen, cursing her parents for not having taught her to fear God nor that there was a Hell. Her life had been a short one, she said, but full of sin, for she had given in to all that her body and passions demanded in the way of satisfaction”…

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