Top Ten Tips To Spiritualizing Your Life

Here are the top ten tips to spiritualizing your life:

1. Spirituality is not religion

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It’s not the same thing that your parents or the guy in the suit knocking on your front door is pedaling. Spirituality arises from somewhere deep inside you. It is a belief that you harbor for no apparent reason. You believe there is more to life, and whilst you can’t quantify or fully explain what that belief is, you have felt it affirmed a hundred times – perhaps through intuitions proven correct, amazing coincidences, a feeling of oneness, or a sign from a dearly departed one that you just couldn’t argue with. Tap into this inner belief and hold it close. It may not be visible, but I believe it is very real.

2. One of the greatest mountains any spiritually inclined person has to cross is their own wayward mind and their egos

Part of becoming spiritual is about taking control of your own inner chatter and making it healthier. Mediation can help, but also just recognizing your own negative patterns, your own ‘Bitching, Moaning and Whining (BMW’ing)’. Spirituality is about trusting in the path of your life, and whilst sometimes that path seems very hard, or people are put there to cross you, it’s your job to think positively, and when relevant to release any negativity or foul thoughts you may have. Cleansing your mind and really taking control of your thoughts is a sure fire way to
connect with your higher self and your intuition. When you do this, life becomes a little easier.

3. Life still goes on, hardships and all

We all know that life is full of death, destruction, pain and chaos, and yet when it happens to us we balk at the unfairness of it all. Being spiritual means taking a step back, trying to see how are hardships are in fact great educators. Think back to your last set of difficulties and consider how these have changed you as a person, for the better. Life is damned hard, but if we go with the flow of that hardship we stop fighting and we start learning. Try to remember that all things happen for reason, even the really awful things.

4. There are no mistakes

Stop beating yourself up about something you did, said or thought. Spiritual Living is not about being perfect. We are not here to float off into the divine ether quite yet. We are here to be human, we are here to mess up, and sometimes we mess up quite magnificently. We break hearts, we hurt people, we hurt ourselves. As long as we choose to learn from those mistakes and not to repeat them then we are living spiritually. Go easy on your self. You are a spiritual being in a human body for a reason. Allow yourself that human weakness, and choose to learn from it.

5. Don’t believe the hype

You are so much more than what you own, what you look like or what designer handbag you are carrying. We live in a very ‘dumb culture’ of products, labels and appearance. It’s not real. What is real is the very soul of you, the kindness you show and the love you offer. So what if you carry a Fendi bag or a plastic one with holes in it? As long as you get from A to B and scatter a little sunshine as you go then who really cares.

6. Love is not restricted to our personal partnerships

Christ recommended that we treat all people as though they were our kind and loving self. Try it for a day. Even to those people you can’t stand. Offer out love and see how the world alters a little bit. Be patient, generous and thoughtful. Put others first. Spiritual Living is about getting back in contact with our souls and then the souls of others, to whom we are intimately connected. Offer out love and watch as the world becomes a little bit sweeter.

7. Take time out to explore the natural world

City dwellers visit the park or simply look up to the sky. Shamanistic people believe that all things, even the paper you are reading this on, have a spirit. In my life I have been granted signs and signals from nature, and I’ve enjoyed its restorative power. We are, after all, organic, living materia

8. Take time out to connect to your Soul

Follow your intuition, wherever it may take you. If you aren’t sure what your intuition feels like, then pay attention to your gut instinct, that initial feeling or thought that comes over you when you meet a new person, or are offered something new. Try not to override that instinct. Think of all the times when you have said ‘I wish I’d listened to my self’. Trust that intuition and see where it takes you!

9. Take time out to release your worries and your problems

We all spend so much time over thinking our ‘issues’, when thinking about them really solves nothing. Choose to believe in a higher scheme of things, believe that you are guided and cared for, and release those problems. Allow them to fix themselves. Stand back and take notice how things are resolved without you having to think another thought about them. Surrender and release your life to your version of spirit and allow things to go with the flow.

10. Choose to have faith

Ask for a sign and be prepared to believe that sign when it comes to you. This is a powerful exercise that can transform lives. Make a little pledge in your mind right now, and simply ask that your faith be proven. The sign that comes will be totally unique to you, but can kick start an inner journey that will take you inward, outward and to a happier place of being. Ask for a sign, trust it will come, and when it does do a little whoop and holler of joy. Baby you are spiritual, now it’s simply time to start believing it!

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.


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