Bad Habits Many Nigerians Have In Common

Many Nigerians can be annoying at times especially with their bad habits; from chewing noisily to picking their noses in public. Below are 7 bad habits many Nigerians have in common

1. Arriving late to parties

Why do people like going late to parties

​I’m also guilty of this, i only go to a party 2hrs after the stipulated time.

2. Chewing their food noisily

Chewing food noisily

Nothing is more annoying than a full grown adult chewing his food with his mouth wide open. The sound alone can make someone go insane.

This is the sole reason i dont eat in restaurants, because me fit break person head if he chews with his mouth open.

3. Borrow pose

Borrow pose


Showing off with stuff that is not yours.

Most Nigerians love to borrow pose, we do this especially when we plan on impressing someone, or just want to show off to an unknowing public.

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4.Cracking our knuckles

Cracking knuckles

They say it is not courteous to crack your knuckles in public or anywhere else for that matter as doing it constantly could even affect your joint function down the road.. but we all still do it, heck, I just cracked mine.

5. Insulting our president

Nigerians cursing their president

We all love insulting our presidents, both past and present.

In 2012, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan became the most cursed president in the worild. All thanks to Social media.

And yes, its a bad habit as it impacts negatively on our country’s image.

6. Scratching in public

Girl scratching

Even though courtesy demands we do this in private, most Nigerians have the habit of doing it in public.

That was how the other day after this guy was done messing with his junk in my presence he still brought out the same hand for me to shake.
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7. Picking their Nose

Why you should pick your nose

At a point i started giving guys ‘chop knuckle’ so as just to avoid shaking their hands.

8. Not washing their hands regularly

Wash your hands
Image source:

Heck, since i took my bath this morning I haven’t bothered to wash my hands.

And i’m sure, i’m not the only one.

9. Not washing their hands after using the toilet

Bad habits that are common to many Nigerians

​​Its not like its our fault though, most toilet facilities in the country don’t have water. So what can we do.

10. Flashing

Nigerians love flashing<b>Definition</b>

Calling someone and then quickly ending the call before the person picks up.

Something every Nigerian hates, but still do every once in a while, except me.. I have never flashed anyone in my life.

11. Remiving ear wax with a matchstick

So many Nigerians have the bad habit of cleaning their ears with a match stick, broom and in extreme cases, Nails. Instead of bringing out 30 naira to buy cotton buds.

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.


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